Round 8 – North Melbourne v Collingwood

Phil Hill loves going to watch sporting events. However, he has a pet hate, the assault and insult of the extraneous noise associated with the game as he explains. Phil also reports on the football game he watched, the North and Collingwood Round 8 match which the Pies won by three goals.

Almanac Cricket: Kew v Power House – The Spirit of Cricket

Phil Hill loves his cricket having played and umpired in the Mercantile Cricket Association all his adult life. And, the spirit of the game is well and truly alive as he recounts the goodwill displayed between teams in a recent game he umpired.

Round 9 – Essendon v Brisbane: Smacking the hated enemy

Phil Hill is no fan of the Essendon Football Club, making Brisbane’s smacking of the Bombers a wonderful night to marvel at the Lions’ depth. Adding insult to Essendon’s injuries was a helpful bonus.

Round 7 – GWS v Brisbane: Lockdown

Derrinalphil was an obsessive Roys supporter and morphed into a Brisbane Lions supporter. He’s impressed witht heir form.

Round 5 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide: Top of the Table – a Story of Two Defences

After Brisbane’s resounding victory over Port Adelaide (typified by Brisbane’s superior defence), Royboy Phil Hill is extremely confident in their chances for season 2020.

A Side for this Virus Infected Age

Phil Hill has come up with a concept for a footy team in this coronavirus age of football. Which players are naturals at social distancing on the footy field? Suggestions?

Helmets and Parachutes

High pressure hoses, parachutes & helmets, and the laws of cricket. What does it all mean? Phil Hill explains.

Australia v Pakistan – Second Test, Day 2 at Adelaide

Phil Hill reflects upon his old cricketing mate Neville Turner, ands wishes he could have been with him during the second day’s play at the Adelaide Oval to witness history making cricket. Neville would have enjoyed chatting about the day’s proceedings muses Phil.

Australia v Pakistan – Second Test, Day 1

Aussies off to a flyer in Adelaide but the question is, according to Phil Hill, who will be the first Pakistani to score a century? Bowling wise that is!

Almanac Cricket – On My Way to Adelaide

The Adelaide Test Match has always had a special place in Phil Hill’s heart since his uni days as he explains.

Almanac Cricket – Free Beer and Law 42

Phil Hill is a cricket umpire who loves the game however there’s one thing that really riles him, and that’s the Laws of Cricket, or at least, some of them. Find out why.

Almanac (Local ) Cricket – Don’t Annoy Me About ‘Chuckers’

Phil Hill talks us through ‘visual summation’ and ‘the carry angle of the human arm’ as he seeks to solve the issue of so-called ‘chuckers’ out in the Merks.

Almanac (Local) Cricket: New Blokes

Phil Hill believes in the rule of law, and expects cricket umpires to have knowledge of the law. He loves when a new young umpire shows he knows the rules. Even on the very rare occasion that he doesn’t.

Preseason musings in the Merks

It briefly enters the public consciousness after an incident of great notice, but Phil Hill has been mulling over general rule changes in sports, with a few examples. [Could throw rugby league into the mix after recent events – Ed.]

Ball tampering in the Merks

‘It is an offence for any player to take any action which changes the condition of the ball.’ Rule 41.3.2. Phil Hill contemplates an umpire’s dilemma when the ball ends up in the poo. (Highly amusing – Ed.)

VAFA B Section – Fitzroy v Something Important: A Moment

Local footy is a great leveller, a community of compassion, where empathy is openly displayed no matter your standing in life, as Phil Hill’s day at footy so clearly demonstrates.

Round 16 – GWS v Brisbane: Footy on my Phone, somewhere in Korea

Travelling down the west coast of Korea by bus, it’s difficult to keep up with the footy scores when your team is playing as Phil Hill explains. But he’s a happy man, his Lions defeated GWS in their Round 16 clash.

Round 6 – Gold Coast v Brisbane: Peering into the Glare

Phil Hill heads to Metricon for the first time ever – but forgot to take his shorts and thongs. He was impressed by his Lions.

Round 3 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide: The View from the Royal Derby

Phil Hill now bases himself at The Royal Derby pub to watch the Brisbane Lions play. With like minded supporters, he was impressed by what he saw against the Power.

VAFA Premier B, Round 1 – Old Scotch v Fitzroy: The pain begins

Phil Hill on the Golden Orb spider, old girlfriends and newly-promoted Fitzroy’s Round 1 meeting with Premier B heavyweight Old Scotch. [And a call to get down the Brunswick Street Oval on Saturday – Ed].