Almanac Footy: From AFL football to tattoo guns

Trying to follow his football dream, Hal Hunter found himself at Essendon’ during the peptide scandal. He has gone on to forge a career in a completely new field. Emile Pavlich spoke to him.

The Pre-Wrap: You know it makes sense

The Wrap is tipping Dustin Martin will have a breakout year and has a hunch his teammates will too. Put down your glasses then.

AFL Round 1 – Adelaide vs Essendon: And finally the game begins

Bob Utber, grandfather of a certain 32, thinks the Crows are in for a long year based on their opening performance. He doesn’t think the Bombers will fare much better.

Middle Australia tells us not to worry: it’s Essendon.

Middle Australia says the penalties for all this stuff will be harsh but that we shouldn’t be concerned: it’s only Essendon.