Football’s helicopter parent syndrome

Despite numerous studies which report the negative consequences of helicopter parenting, the AFL is cosseting its clubs more than ever. Lop-sided fixturing, extra salary cap space, priority picks – is the AFL a professional competition or a form of welfare for clubs?

Fix the fixture – stop the season-rigging

Sunday Morning Coming Down An even competition needs a fair fixture – not season rigging. In the past decade or so the fact that the fixture has been hopelessly unfair hasn’t mattered that much. The best teams have finished in pretty much the correct order anyway. This season it is all different. Who has played [Read more]

AFL bites the bullet

In a bid to finally fix the inequity of the fixture – where 18 teams play 22 rounds – the AFL has bitten the bullet and will embark on the most sensible option. It will introduce five more teams. Commercial realties dictate a 22-round season must be maintained. Except for this year, when a 23-round [Read more]