Alex Young: Kicking into Gear

Former TAC player Alex Young is determined to play footy at the highest level. Deakin Uni student James Bosco talked to him about his commitment to the campaign and the sadness of family tragedy.

Plenty of practice and empty heads – Part 11: Drafting bastards but dodging dickheads

David Stiff looks at the young draftees and where they’re at and considers the place of bastardry, larrikinism and supremely talented dickheadness in sport (and other fields of endeavour). [Thought-provoking as always – JTH]

Draft Day – Not as good as the movie and the AFL has the wrong script

There are big problems with the draft process in the AFL system as Steve Earl explains. How does it serve footy generally? And, importantly, who does it serve a large number of undrafted aspirants the system spits out?

Are We Witnessing A Superdraft?: Reconstructing The 2013 AFL Draft

Alex Docherty wonders five years on from the 2013 AFL draft, could we be witnessing a superdraft comparable to 2001? Take a look at his re-draft with what we have seen from these young guns in the first 5 years of their AFL careers – what do you think?

Confessions of an AFL talent spy

Les starts off draft week with this run down of the WAFL players who could feature on Friday.

AFL Trade Period: Free Madness or Regulated Tyranny?

Dips O’Donnell reckons that Pope Leo XIII was on the money when it came to AFL labour laws

AFL 2016 Bang for Buck Cup: Why the Bulldogs didn’t really win the premiership

As the men’s season 2017 gets underway, Dave Brown has found the secret to 2016 success

Father and Son: Mark and Lachlan Hunter

Andrew Fithall traces the journey of Lachlan Hunter, hoping to be named as a father-son selection for the Bulldogs where his father, Mark, played 130 games.

What Are AFL Recruiters Looking For?

Wesley Hall on what AFL recruiters are looking for when trying to find the next AFL star, after listening to two recruiters talk at the recent Diversity Championships.

A Draft Night in Adelaide

Missed the Draft the other night? Mike Hugo brings you all of the colour and movement from Adelaide’s night of nights.

AFL Bang for Buck Cup: Why Hawthorn didn’t really win the 2015 premiership

Where did your club rank in 2015 if you take their performance at the draft table into account?

Almanac Trade Week

The Almanac and the AFL are joining forces in the first ever trade week for footy writers. Some of the old stagers will be put out to pasture or writing in new colours next season (according to Peter Baulderstone). Any other nominations?

Socialist Football League! More Equal for Some?

The competition has never been more equal. Bollocks. Everything about the AFL is compromised with no better example than the draft and trade period.

Tony Robb comes up with an alernative and calls for discussion.

The Pre Wrap – The Finals Week II

Mr Wrap previews the second week of the finals and discusses Hawthorn’s drafting from the early 2000’s.

The AFL Fiddling Again

The proposed changes to drafting players from the developing states Academy systems floated by the AFL go way beyond what’s fair and not, argues Don Meadows. He echoes the thoughts of many north of Wagga. The mooted changes raise serious questions about the competition’s commitment to supporting AFL clubs in the Rugby strongholds of NSW and Queensland.

57 Mt Pleasant Street (part 2)

BJ has Stan cast his eyes over the week just gone. “What does it all mean, Stan?”

Welcome Message to New Saints

Yoshi Imagawa has been reading the (green?) tea leaves and predicts bright futures for his Saints new draft picks.

AFL Draft – Not Meant to Be

Mick Jeffrey journeyed down from North Queensland for the AFL Draft on the Gold Coast. His progress only interrupted by bookings disasters, hail storms and midget draftees (such is the lot of Bulldogs loyalists – Ed.)

The Draft: A brief note for Yvette and other passionate Sainters

As I live in Qld and more than likely do not know the intimate details  as much as you do about the Saints (although have followed for over 50 years), do you not think that a couple of good or maybe up and coming defenders might have helped our cause. Have no problems with our [Read more]

A tall story – should ruckmen bother turning up to draft night?

Dave Brown runs the ruler (pun intended – Ed.) over the role of tall players in the AFL. Pure ruckman, pinch hitter or key position player? Can you pick ruck talent at 17?