Be a good parent at the footy please

What do you do when a parent at the footy is swearing his head off in front of his toddler son? Craig Dodson ponders such behaviour.

On Swearing

Peter Baulderstone muses on the role and effectiveness of swearing in entertaining the crowd and furthering debate. Don’t like it? STFU and SIUYAWYAI.

Rantings of a reasonable man

By Sean Curtain I thought she said, “Celebrate”. That would have made some sense. After all, we were talking about what drew her to work for this worldwide company. They were an important global organisation, with a ubiquitous logo, thousands of places where their products could be bought and at this stage (later to be [Read more]

My (not so) favourite drop-kick, part 7

Vin Maskell hears the ugly truth in part seven of his meandering series. The train stuttered and stopped as it tried to pull out of the station. “Passengers,” announced the driver, “we’ve had to stop because some drop-kick in a red cap is trying to force open the doors.” You know the game is just [Read more]