Did Eddie McGuire know about Essendon’s supplements regimen?


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On the eve of the 2012 AFL finals series Collingwood president Eddie McGuire announced that he was working on a story that would “blow the football world apart”.

Unsurprisingly this grabbed the attention of the football public and speculation was rife about what was about to be revealed.

It would eventually result in an anti-climax with McGuire revealing that 1990 Magpies premiership star Gavin Crosisca had a long battle with drug and alcohol dependence.

McGuire is a brilliant self-promoter but surely even with his hyperbolic nature he was not just trying to gather ratings for his Fox Footy programme EMT.

Let’s face it, as cold as it may sound, an ex-AFL player battling personal issues is not something that is going to “shake the very core of football”.

However, a story was definitely brewing and it came to light less than six months later.

I refer to, of course, the Essendon supplements saga.

Something like that certainly doesn’t happen overnight and if there’s someone that knows about scandals in football, it is Eddie McGuire.

It is hard to imagine that a club president would even contemplate blowing the whistle on another club systematically using performance enhancing drugs.

At the time, McGuire claimed he had been sitting on the story for several months.

Perhaps he had knowledge of what was happening at the Bombers.

So did Eddie McGuire stop himself revealing improper practices at a rival club or was it a simple case of him promoting his football show?

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  1. Dave Brown says

    Kurt Tippett is the other option, Jackson. But the possibility of Eddie knowing two stories about clubs other than Collingwood seems remote…

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