Football’s punishment paradox and integrity matters

Jeff Dowsing has had a gutfull of the AFL’s pious pronouncements and shonky back-room deals. Are we now too disgusted and disillusioned to care about our ‘leaders’ actions – in all walks of life? A thoughtful companion spray to Litza’s and Harmsy’s brilliant Almanac intro pieces on the same topic.

Unfair dismissal?

Less than objective Euro 2012 coverage by Lee Hugh McGowan QTR final 4 England 0 – 0 Italy (Italy 4-2 on penalties) The score puts off those whose sympathies lie with other codes, but this was a compelling viewing for football fans. A game of skill and wits matched, of expectations met and, in the [Read more]

Fever pitch

For the past 14 months I have been searching for the quintessential English experience. I have drunk in pubs older than Australia, saw the Queen in her Diamond jubilee and rambled along the raw British coastline, but nothing has seemed right. Nothing that is until tonight. Tonight was the Euro 2012 quarter final between England [Read more]