Almanac Punting: The Cooler’s 2023 Finals and Premiership Form Guide

Contemplating a flutter? Searching for a finals form guide? Look no further than Steve “The Cooler” Baker’s guide to the AFL’s September spring carnival. And remember to gamble responsibly!!

The Footy Almanac Podcast Episode 22 – Jack Styring

“Would you like to see the new bank Squizzy?” “Why yes, I think I would…” For our last racing podcast this spring, John Harms and Steve Baker sit down with legendary race caller Jack ‘bearing his molars to the breeze’ Styring for a cuppa or two.

Almanac Music: Vale Sharon Jones: 1956-2016

Almanacker Stone Cold Steve Baker pays tribute to soul singer extraordinaire; Sharon Jones, who passed away from cancer Saturday Australian time. Stone Cold has no doubt that Jones and her voice deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the greats like Bowie, Prince and Cohen who saluted the judge in 2016 and have headed off into the great beyond.

Almanac Comedy: Work, Work, Work

Work, Work, Work is a new stage comedy directed by the Almanac’s Matty Quatermaine and is currently running at The Tuxedo Cat in Melbourne. Stone Cold Steve Baker dragged himself off the couch to check it out

Lockdown: Enough reaping, Grim Reaper

As we approach May, 2016 has seen too many artistic, scientific and intellectual giants shuffle off this mortal coil for ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Baker’s liking. He thinks it’s time to take pro-active measures to stem the tide of untimely deaths.

Round 2 – Essendon v Melbourne: You Only Get One Melbourne

From a rainy, windswept North Port Oval in June to a sun-drenched MCG on a Saturday afternoon less than a year later. The journey of Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Kyle Langford and Nick Kommer as the Bombers adjust to life without Hurley, Watson, Heppell and co.

Pigskin Almanac: Super Bowl 50 – Carolina’s Season Defined by One Game?

It’s the biggest day on the American sporting calendar; the NFL Super Bowl. As magnificent as Denver were in causing one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history to claim their third Vince Lombardi trophy, Steve Baker reflects on the uselessness of losing only two games in a season, especially when one of those losses is in the most important game of the year.

Vale Yogi Berra, 1925-2015

One of the all-time greats of Baseball – ‘Yogi’ Berra – passed away yesterday at the age of 90. He might not be a name that is familiar to many sports fans outside of baseball circles, but his story and the legacy he leaves to baseball is one that’s worth familiarising yourself with. Steve Baker shares a great tribute to a Hall of Famer from Bruce Weber of the New York Times.

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide Crows: Respect is earned, not just given

If you ever need to illustrate the difference between home and away footy versus finals footy, sit someone down with a tape of this game. Outside of a Grand Final, It doesn’t get much faster and hotter than this one did on Saturday night. The Bulldogs are left to wonder what might have been after not being able to convert, while the Crows continue to achieve well beyond what few considered possible after that Friday morning in July.

Dustin Fletcher: So Long, Farewell and Thanks for all the Fish.

There’s a lot of years for all of us since 1993. Steve Baker contemplates the career of Fletch and looks at what he has done in the years that have transpired. [Fine memoir – JTH]

Sports books: Ken Piesse’s Favourite Footy Yarns

Prolific sportswriter Ken Piesse is back with his latest collection of anecdotes, gaffes and pranks from the world of Australian rules.

Round 15 – Essendon v Melbourne: Sell me this pen…

The ability to ‘sell hope’ to supporters is everything at struggling clubs. Despite a win on the weekend, the Bombers are at a crossroad: can James Hird sell hope to Essendon supporters with an ageing list, a raft of untried youngsters on the way through and draft sanctions in place?

Almanac Soccer – The Goodfellas A-League and EPL Season Wrap (2014-2015)

With Melbourne Victory taking the local honours in the A-League and Chelsea claiming the EPL title, Dr Cruel and Stone Cold Steve Baker wrap up the seasons that were in Australia and English soccer. Gorn, GET IN!

Round 7 – Hawthorn v Melbourne: Contenders v Pretenders

Steve Baker, neutral observer, nearly chokes on his incredulity on the way to the MCG. What’s going on when a coach praises a player for dropping himself? What’s going on when the final margin is 105 points?

Seven One Four

Mick breaks Jock’s record. Can we just recognise the achievement and stop obsessing with who was better at their craft asks “Stone Cold” Steve Baker.

Almanac Motorsport – I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff

The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix has the sporting spotlight this weekend, but Stone Cold Steve Baker – a self-confessed F1 fan – struggles to find much to get excited about in the season opener.

NAB Challenge 2015 – Essendon v St Kilda: The Fine Art of Prestidigitation

Steve Baker sees a Bombers’ sleight of hand at work in an otherwise forgettable evening of football for ‘Essendon Centrals’

Almanac Music: The Selection Panel – Iron Maiden: Di’Anno or Dickinson

Another musical selection dilemma presented to the committee for consideration. Today, we look at Iron Maiden and their brilliant vocalists, Bruce Dickinson and Paul Di’Anno.

Almanac Music: The Selection Panel – Van Halen: Roth or Hagar?

Steve Baker kicks off a series of yarns looking at rock bands and personnel changes. Who pulled the right rein and who ended up in the spelling paddock?

Almanac Cinema: Extreme Whiplash

Nominated for Oscars across a range of categories at today’s 87th Academy Awards, Steve Baker has his fingers crossed for his favourite film of 2014 – Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash