Who to be Upgraded into St Kilda’s Senior List

On Thursday, a St Kilda supporter rang SEN’s Run Home’s Soap Box urging the mighty Saints should not have recruited Jake Carlisle.

Even many St Kilda fans had given him a go, the outcome from the Essendon saga seemed us to think again if Carlisle should be recruited or not. We wasted a year not to see him play or train a talented young player who would be picked as number 5 at last year’s draft to develop.

Three days later, an article on the St Kilda app interested me. The club did not hurry to choose which rookie player to upgrade into the senior player.

Our coach Alan Richardson suggests three potential players to rise the position. They are Jason Holmes, Josh Saunders and Nick O’Kearney.

One of them will be nominated after NAB Challenge Cup. Observing young players during the preseason matches is a good choice. The club is doing the right job.

But I asked myself who would it be, and wanted to predict just for interests and gain knowledge of the mighty Saints.

Research kicked off in the morning with my iPhone and latte at Starbucks.

My primary thought had been that another defender would be listed as a senior player. But does the position matter? No because a rookie player can play AFL matches.

However I realised about it after I had survey all St Kilda players with positions. The research was longer and harder than I had expected. But Footy Wire helped me well. It is a good website to collect information about footy. Thanks!!

Then I wanted to see how Holmes and Saunders performed on field. Attempting to get videos on YouTube. When typing James Holmes AFL into the YouTube search, I got a video featuring AFL to Americans. Holmes was on alongside other American and Canadian recruits. But I was unable to see how he performed in three AFL games.

Only interviews with Saunders come up on the YouTube search. So I gave up my video resource.

Saunders could go back to be on the senior list, but unfortunately there was a reason to be delisted and recruited as a rookie.

In my research, I found only four ruck men in the club (I hope the number is right). Holmes has good talents to get clearances as a former basketball player. 2016 will be his breaking year.

As for the new kid, O’Kearney, I have no idea. Says Richardson, O’Kearney’s preseason performances are impressive.

Oops!! Rereading the article, I found it was published on 14 January. Oh I am responding to the old content!! I apologise for not providing fresh report. I am opposed to Grant Thomas who was expected to comment his fresh views on Footy Classified.

My prediction of a new St Kilda senior player is Holmes because I think giving a young talented player go is good for the future at St Kilda.

I will see what happens. Go Saints!!

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  1. Neil Anderson says

    The flow-on effect of the Essendon bans are now the talking point as we wait to see the final lists for 2016.
    The Bulldogs haven’t said who they will promote if…and I say if, we lose Stuart Crameri. Our President and lawyer is checking the fine-print to mount a challenge.
    In the meantime we have ex-Lion captain Jed Adcock ready to be promoted from the rookie list.
    The Bulldog’s recruiting last year has been the best that I can remember in a long time. They even went for a young promising ruckman!

  2. G’day Neil,

    Thank you for your comment. I feel sorry for you that your beloved Bulldogs cannot have Crameri for a year.

    I understand that your president Peter Gordon has a background in law, so hopefully he can help to seek solutions.

    Having forgotten to mention, St Kilda are seeking options to top up due to losing Carlisle for a year, following Port Adelaide. In my opinion, the club should seek a young player if we can, rather than seeking a retired player. In other words, we should seek long terms.

    I am glad to hear your recruiting was well last year. Another rising is awaiting you. Good luck with your Doggies!


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