Our obsession with the best (sometimes) means poor behaviour is tolerated

dam asks; Should ultimate sports success excuse poor behaviour, If you were to shun a sports person for conduct and attitude in 2017, who would it be? A few other gems worth considering.

Round 2 – Essendon v Melbourne: A Personal Thank You To Essendon and Kevin Sheedy

Proud Dees bloke, da mcdonell, thanks Essendon for the reality check.

Local footy: Pambula Panthers host the Eden Whalers in the season opener

da mcdonell enjoys a round of country footy and reports football is alive and well on the south coast of NSW, Pambula Panthers hosting the Eden Whalers.

The Retirements Appeals Tribunal (RAT’s applicants required)

da McDonnell on the perils of the sporting comeback. The Retirements Appeals Tribunal is after new members. Applications taken here.

The “dam alternate AFL Ladder”

A lateral approach to hedging your footy fortunes from da mcdonnell. Give us your Pick 4 (don’t forget the tie-break question)

Footy Almanac rejection – a writing career in crisis

da mcdonnell senses a stitch-up in the removal of his work from the Almanac website.

Modern Sport is a Fantasy

Dam identifies the true meaning of sport as he wades into the murky waters of fantasy footy. His locks may surprise – would recommend getting a hold of his league code

Almanac Music: Top 10 songs that Bob has “butchered”

DAM is back and thinking controversially. If you accept the premise that Bob Dylan is a butcher – what are his 10 greatest crimes against music?

Mentoring Jake Melksham

Dam is reconsidering Jake Melksham’s year ahead following the small Swiss kerfuffle during the week. Suggestions welcome

Mentoring Jack Watts

da mcdonell is going to re-educate Jack Watts. “Some spitting, swearing, socks down and refusal to join the leadership group would indicate progress,” observes his new mentor. [Not sure who is ore erratic – dam or Jack Watts – Ed]

The dam almanac Majors challenge 2016

da mcdonell presents a unique sporting challenge for 2016.

Mentoring Dennis Armfield (Carlton FC)

da mcdonell gives Carlton’s Dennis Armfield some prescient advice.

“dam AFL sports crisis management” – an introduction

Sports management guru da mcdonell can fix anything. Here he explains some of the project players he has on his books.