AFL Round 1 – Gold Coast v North Melbourne: Wet Season

What were they thinking when they scheduled a game in Cairns during the wet season?

Missed opportunity with disjointed AFL-VFL fixtures

Jeff Dowsing sees an opening for the AFL, for the VFL, for clubs, for players and for fans. Bring on the change.

AFL, fair competition and thought: the Bondi Effect

Explaining something to another can be the best way of finding holes in you understanding. Imagine trying to explain the AFL competition to an international visitor. [Have you done it? How did you go?].

Football’s helicopter parent syndrome

Despite numerous studies which report the negative consequences of helicopter parenting, the AFL is cosseting its clubs more than ever. Lop-sided fixturing, extra salary cap space, priority picks – is the AFL a professional competition or a form of welfare for clubs?

These here are crazy times

In an era where games often follow scripts more predictable than Two and a Half Men, and finals aspirations tend to expire well before the home straight, the last thing football needs is another reason for supporters to stay at home. Yet those most heavily invested in their team’s fortunes couldn’t help but feel they [Read more]

The AFL Wants YOU!

With the AFL conquering new territories like the Romans of yore, changes are afoot to the shape of our season. However in an outstanding example of stakeholder management, we the fans are being given the chance to put forward our opinions as to how we would like to see the season shaped. lists the [Read more]

Fantasy Fixture 2010: Steve whets his appetite for next season

We have come to the end of the footy season, which means that all minds turn to the release of the upcoming fixture. I have made my own fixture, while keeping in mind of the rules that the AFL uses (no teams play each other twice within seven rounds, one game at Subiaco per week, [Read more]