Finals Week 1 – Swans v Giants: Elimination Final Preview

Almanacker Keiran is heading to the Americana Music Festival in Nashville, but that doesn’t mean he has abandoned his beloved Swans as this report shows.

Finals Week 1 – Sydney v GWS: A long way to go.

Keiran Croker has an interesting musical month ahead of him – and an interesting footy month. Here he previews the Swans-GWS semi-final.

Round 20 – Sydney v Collingwood: A return after almost six years and a return to form

Keiran Croker’s Swans fought hard for their win over everyone’s rival and their 1918 Grand Final opponents, Collingwood.

The Red and The White – AJ is back

‘I started writing this piece earlier in the week about where the Swans were at this year and beyond. However the news of the amazing return of 2012 Premiership player Alex Johnson after nearly 6 years out changes the discussion.’ Keiran Croker on all things Swans and AJ’s inspiring return.

The Red and the White – Swans mid year review

Keiran figured the Swans chances of doing well in 2018 had dipped after some early season injuries to key players. And, you can’t put off your travel plans to the USA on the basis of your team maybe making the Grand Final … or can you Keiran asks as he reviews the half way mark for the Swans?

Round 9 – Sydney v Fremantle: The milestone men

Like a finely tuned choir, Keiran Croker’s Swans were on song against a lacklustre Fremantle in a match peppered with milestones aplenty

Round 9: The Red and the White – Buddy’s Back.

Buddy’s back and the red and white army are hoping Buddy adds to his extensive highlights reel this week against the Dockers.

The Red and the White – A Week Is A Long Time.

A week is a long time in footy; you are only as good as your last game, are two over used, though true sayings according to Keiren as he ponders recent performances by the Swans.

The Red and the White: Plan B.

The latest hot Swans topics in the Red and the White, the Almanac’s Swans Forum.

Round 5 – Sydney v Adelaide: Beware!

Keiran Croker had good reason to be wary before the game as the Crows bounced back with intent against his Swans!

The Red and the White: Getting it done!

Keiran Croker is back again for the Red and the White, the Almanac’s Swans Forum. A nail-biter against the Bloods’ 2016 nemesis, but thankfully the Swans were on the right side at the siren!

The Red and the White: Buddy, Gazza and Macca

Here’s the latest from Keiran Croker after a big Sydney Derby in the Almanac’s Sydney Swans forum, “The Red and the White”

The Red and the White: fumbling to defeat

This is the Almanac’s Swans’ forum. What did you make of Round 2 Swans fans?

The Red and the White: Buddy brilliant!

This is the Almanac’s Swans’ forum. Keiran Croker is on the orad and he is calling for your observations so he can get a better idea of what happened in Perth.

The Red and the White: The Almanac’s Swans’ Forum

Keiran Croker is convening a new Swans forum on the Almanac site called The red and the White. Here’s the invitation to be involved. [Excellent idea KBC – JTH]

Finals Week 2 – Preview: Geelong v Sydney

Jarrad McVeigh plays his 300th in the do or die semi-final clash against the Cats tomorrow night. Keiran Croker is confident the Swans will continue their recent proven record against the Cats and make it to another preliminary final.

Round 22 – Adelaide v Sydney: With apologies to the neighbours

The wild weather in Melbourne prevents Keiran Croker from heading out to The Riser. Instead he gives the neighbours a lesson in supporting the Bloods from afar. What a night!

Round 18 – Sydney v St Kilda: Fine tuning towards finals

A fine mix of footy and live music makes for a perfect evening for Kieran Croker. Sydney have found their tune at just the right time as they charge towards the finals.

Round 15 – Melbourne v Sydney: Bloods keep the Demons at bay

Sydney’s surge towards the top 8 continued on the weekend with a solid win over Melbourne.

Round 4 – West Coast v Sydney: Outnumbered in the Wild Wild West.

Keiran Croker is on a three-week sabbatical in the West. He attends Subiaco for the first time, to see his beloved Swans. He feels a long way from home.