AFL Round 22 – Brisbane v Fremantle: Tupperware or tribute to Ash?

Glenda Ellis, when handed the great conundrum, turned her back on a Tupperware party. Come on; it’s the Lions’ last home game of the year.

AFL Round 23 – Sydney v Hawthorn: Venue: 10, Transport: 1.

Here’s an unlikely topic: Glenda Ellis compares the Sydney crowd with her home crowd at the Gabba and winds up eating donuts with a new friend.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane Lions v Geelong: The Lions Sleep Tonight!

Glenda Ellis was thinking of leaving the Gabba at half time but made the decision to soak up the sun. Good call that.

AFL Round 7 – Brisbane v West Coast: The rain in ‘Bane falls gently on the slain

On an unusually damp Brisbane May day, Glenda Ellis is chauffeured to the Gabba for a contest that’s on until the final ten minutes.