Almanac Teams: The 27 Club (1980- )

Rucks galore in Rodney Boyd’s side this week, with some in and under brilliance to balance the tall timber that dominates the Number 27.

Grand Final 2016: Is he the Messiah, or just a naughty little boy?

With the Big Dance fast approaching, aussiegus lauds the efforts of the unfashionable Luke Beveridge and his suburban-esque coaching of the Western Bulldogs.

Round 15 – Sydney Swans v Western Bulldogs: 14 Months On

Alex Docherty gets excited about the “no longer basket cases” Western Bulldogs after their thrilling win against the Swans.

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide Crows: Respect is earned, not just given

If you ever need to illustrate the difference between home and away footy versus finals footy, sit someone down with a tape of this game. Outside of a Grand Final, It doesn’t get much faster and hotter than this one did on Saturday night. The Bulldogs are left to wonder what might have been after not being able to convert, while the Crows continue to achieve well beyond what few considered possible after that Friday morning in July.

Round 9 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: The Ryan Griffen Cup

A euphoric Mary Gleason reports on the Bulldogs performance while acknowledging former captain Ryan Griffen.

Crio’s Q? The player-umpire relationship quandary.

Players: let umpires do their job (and stay out of their space).
Umpires: the players are not your mates. Hands off. Shut up and do your job.
Crio suggests that the rules of engagement need to be clear…and enforced.

AFL Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: The lid’s off, baby!

Inspired by a musical backdrop of the Smiths, Led Zeppelin, and Hendrix, Tigers fan Callum O’Connor reaches new heights in footy reporting. (Warning: Contains a lovely sledge for Tom Waterhouse.)

Crio’s Question: A change at the top

Big Will Minson has clearly benefited from a change of coach. Horses have also been known to improve when moved between stables. What movements have led to dramatic form overhauls?

AFL Round 1 – Western Bulldogs v Brisbane: I’m Single Again

The romance of the 2013 season was lost in less than a quarter for Phil Hill.