Rugby World Cup – and unravelling the unholy mess with Israel Folau

Michael Viljoen has a fair dinkum look at the complexities of the Israel Folau ‘issue’.

Almanac (Post) Modern Life: Interpreting Likes

“What does it mean to like a post?” asks Edward P. Olsen. This piece on the nature and influence of social media takes the recent Folau-Ablett situation as its stimulus. It’s a piece in that fine tradition of ‘Thinking Out Loud’ as EPO tries to make sense of it all for his own understanding. Maybe others can offer some thoughts.

Social Commentary: What do Dane Rampe, Danny Baker, Israel Folau, Chris Gayle, and Count Dankula have in common?

Does the rush to react to controversial comments help or hinder mutual understanding? Michael Viljoen gives his view on some recent examples of speech which has attracted official sanction.

Almanac Religion and Culture: Israel Folau, Notre Dame and paradox

Ian Hauser has found the commentary and discussion surrounding the Notre Dame fire and the Israel Folau situation fascinating and thought-provoking. After the extraordinary scenes in Paris this week as Notre Dame went up in flames, what does all this say about the way in which centuries of history and culture, and millennia of religion interface in the 21st Century?

Israel Folau and the right to dissent

Earl O’Neill doesn’t necessarily agree with the contentious comments attributed to Israel Folau recently but he defends the right of an individual to free speech to state their beliefs without any fear or favour.

When The Mighty Fall/ Fail

The Ruminator asks us to think beyond the easy road of character assassinations and instead explore constructive, respectful and meaningful conversations with those with whom we may disagree strongly. A challenging and perceptive call to pause, think and then engage. A short treatise on humanity.

Almanac Rugby: No Rest For The Wallabies Ahead Of Ireland Clash

The Wallabies have surprised a few and now face Ireland in Dublin on Sunday in what should be a terrific Test match writes Farris Garrison.

Wallabies tackle their way to tough Edinburgh victory

Tim Ladhams has watched Australia end a tough week on and off the pitch with a third consecutive victory on their spring tour. Coach Ewen McKenzie made a tough call on his errant team and has been rewarded by some promising newcomers.

The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher lays out the highs and lows of the weekend. Ash McGrath’s calm kick after the siren and Kurtley Beale’s last minute shocker are at the top of the agenda.

AFL Rounds 11, 12, 13 – Bye Bye AFL: Memo – Grasp the light

Footy, and interest in footy lives and dies on the weekly conversation. The weekly cut and thrust at work, at home, in one’s mind. By scheduling each team to have a bye over a three week period, the AFL has diluted interest in the competition over this entire period.

This code-hopping marketing nonsense is beyond a joke

This code-hopping marketing nonsense is beyond a joke  OR for christ’s sakes are we really THAT stupid?   Last week AFL’s head honcho, Andrew Demetriou, came out and said something abhorrently dodgy.   Here’s the relevant quote:   “I’m on the record as saying both Karmichael Hunt and Israel Folau have returned our investment in [Read more]