AFLW Round 5 – Adelaide v Brisbane: It’s Weird

Andrew Weiss gives us a host of reasons why the brilliant, tight match between Adelaide and his Lions made him feel rather weird. [Excellent piece – Ed]

AFLW Round 2 – Fremantle v Brisbane: Way out west the Lions stand tall

Andrew Weiss may not hold much hope for the Lions men’s team in 2017, but the women’s team has restored his faith in Brisbane.

Brisbane Lions 2016 Review: One step forward, ten steps back

Andrew Weiss would like to forget Brisbane’s 2016 season and would rather focus on 2017, a season of hope, rather than the gloom and negativity that has surrounded the Lions this year.

Round 18 – Essendon v Brisbane: Is Leppa safe now?

In the middle of the circle were six young Brisbane players singing the song for the first time, points out Andrew Weiss.

Round 12 – Brisbane v Fremantle: Absolute despair

Andrew Weiss felt his psyche slipping back to that of the “bad news Bears” days as “fellow cellar-dweller Fremantle made the Lions look like glorified traffic cones.”

Round 4 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: Steven May – Enjoy your holiday

A win to the Brisbane Lions is marred by a brutal bump. Andrew Weiss thinks Steven May is in for a long vacation.

Justin Clarke retires too young – a dilemma for the AFL

Andrew Weiss thinks his way through the issues raised by Justin Clarke’s early retirement.

Haven’t I heard this idea before? Ideas from Footy Almanackers well ahead of the times

Why did Andrew Weiss nearly spit out his coffee while reading The Age this morning?

Round 23 – Brisbane v Western Bulldogs: No Tanks Mate

While all the focus was on North and Fremantle with their strategic resting of players, Andrew Weiss applauds the Lions for going after a win, even with the number one pick in the National Draft at stake.

Round 19 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: The Schache Cup

Andrew Weiss went and watched his Lions go down the Suns in the Q-Clash at the GABBA and as he discusses by doing so inadvertently won the ‘Schache Cup,’ as they now most likely have pick one in the draft.

Round 7 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide: You’ve gotta love an upset

Andrew Weiss rejoices in the Lions, in the idea of the underdog and in the whole thing. Gotta love an upset.

Round 6 – Carlton v Brisbane: A successful Mother’s Day

What does a successful Mother’s Day look like? Andrew Weiss offers breakfast in bed, children’s presents, a winery lunch and an AFL win. Success?

A Letter to Santa from a Brisbane Lions Supporter

Brisbane Lions supporter Andrew Weiss shares with us his letter to Santa. Only time will tell if he’s been naughty or nice…

The Adelaide Almanac Launch

Andrew Weiss with the low down on a classic night at the Home of Football.

AFL Round 15 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: This one’s for you Browny

Andrew Weiss pays his respect to Johnno Brown (including a surprise Malarkey selection)

When is it time to hang the boots up and retire?

Andrew Weiss loves his Lions and Jonathan Brown in particular. But when is enough enough? In the wake of Darren Glass’ retirement, Andrew wonders if it is time to finally put club second, and family and future first.

AFL Round 11 – Brisbane v Carlton: I don’t have the blues any more

As Andrew Weiss thaws out in the cold and bleak Adelaide hills, his Brisbane Lions, battling through a dark and gloomy season, find some sun. “There is a season – turn, turn, turn…”

The Footy Almanac and my Kids

Almanackers, enjoy this tale of what we are all doing for the next generation. It’s more than just footy for Andrew Weiss and his sons.

AFL Round 18 – Port Adelaide v Brisbane: Behind enemy lines

Lions (and Norwood) fan Andrew Weiss entered Football Park for the next chapter in a long rivalry, hoping the Pie Incident of 2006 won’t be repeated.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane v Geelong: A childhood dream fulfilled

Childhood memories came flooding back for Andrew Weiss as Ash McGrath kicked the winning goal after the siren. He suspects he’s not alone.