Daniel Giansiracusa: Devoted Dog

In today’s fickle world of AFL, it’s refreshing to know that Daniel Giansiracusa is a Bulldog through and through and is invested in the game of Australian Rules and the only club he has ever called home.

The Red and the White – Swans mid year review

Keiran figured the Swans chances of doing well in 2018 had dipped after some early season injuries to key players. And, you can’t put off your travel plans to the USA on the basis of your team maybe making the Grand Final … or can you Keiran asks as he reviews the half way mark for the Swans?

Round 23 – Sydney v Carlton: The Pelican of the SCG

Interesting what you see at the footy, and where that might take your thoughts. Mathilde de Hauteclocque enjoys the final match with the O’Reilly crew as the Swans take their place in the finals.

Round 22 – Adelaide v Sydney: Footy positive

An unexpected ticket to one of the games of the season provides great theatre in the Festival State

Round 18 – Sydney v St Kilda: Sinclair’s Moment

The Swans comfortably accounted for St Kilda; Daniel Saunders reckons the top four is a possibility.

Round 17 – GWS v Sydney: I could gloat – but I refuse!

The stats don’t interest Jan, the speculation doesn’t interest her. All she wants is for the Swans to continue playing good hard-fought contested footy, as they have in recent weeks, then all the hype can take care of itself. Jan is a happy lady at the moment! Maybe into September? Who knows!

The 2017 Infinitesimalist Cup – Round Sixteen

Earl O’Neill casts his eye over which teams can actually have an impact come finals time in the AFL. Sydney are surging, the Cats are in there as always and the Doggies look to miss out altogether.

Fearless 2017 Round 12 – Queensland Footy… Maybe the signs of life are truly there!

The two Queensland teams had big wins on the weekend. Could this be the beginning of the rise of the Lions and the Suns?

Round 5 – Sydney v GWS: Whatever it Takes

With birthday tickets in hand, Daniel was expecting a lot from his young team but like candles that won’t light, his Swans didn’t fire.

Round 5 – Sydney v GWS: Onwards to Round 6 please

Tom’s becoming increasingly frustrated with the Swans after expecting a better effort from them this week. Like all true supporters, he’s hoping things will improve for Round 6.

Round 1 – Sydney v Port Adelaide: Power bill due

The Swans may have some tough times ahead in 2017 according to Sydney supporter Tom Bally.

Grand Final Preview: Sal’s predictions, and thoughts about other sports as well.

For all thoughts in football, cricket, rugby, and horseracing, Sal has all the tips for you.

Finals Week 2 – Sydney v Adelaide: When passion and hope meet reason and analysis

Terrific preview of Saturday night’s Sydney v Adelaide match from one of our most passionate Bloods, Keiran Croker marries passion and reason.

Round 22 – Sal’s Preview: Welcome all for the Penultimate Round of the Season.

Sal presents his Round 22 preview with some value.

Round 13 Preview – It’s a Pie Sore

Sal Ciardulli picks the Pies apart at the bakery before picking you some winners from the first bye round for 2016

Round 12 – Greater Western Sydney v Sydney: Giant Swan Dicks

Old Dog is in a Melbourne pub with his girlfriend. He’s impressed with the Giants but less impressed with how self-absorbed footy fans are in the city. [Interesting life and footy observations – Ed]

Round 10 – Sydney v North Melbourne: Winter descends on the SCG but the Swans heat up the O’Reilly shiverers

Tom Bally doesn’t quite pick the weather, but who cares, the Swans heat up the SCG and cement their place at the top of the ladder. [I reckon it was colder at Fitzroy on Saturday – Ed]

Round 9 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Passing the audit

Craig Dodson returns, once more, to the MCG to watch his Swans pass the toughest test in football

Round 4 Preview – Adelaide v Sydney: Hot Tip

Joe Moore previews the Adelaide v Sydney game. Includes plenty of Swan love (50,000 members!) , admiration for Tex’s mullet, K.Tippett’s return to Adelaide, the Swanettes and a crow who dared to fly with swans…


Mathilde de Hauteclocque reflects on Sydney’s transition from 2015 into 2016, as only she can.