Almanac Music (Stereo Stereo Stories): ‘Everybody Hurts’ – a road trip to Sydney

Check out Matt Quartermaine’s Stereo Stories post reflecting on his recent road trip to Sydney. A must read!

So what’s in The Eagles Almanac 2018?

So what is in The Eagles Almanac 2018?

The Eagles Almanac Launch – photos

Some photos taken at the launch of The Eagles Almanac at the North Fitzroy Arms on Wednesday night.

Thinking of you West Coast Eagles (with apologies to Martin Flanagan)

Matt Quartermaine was among the very fine speakers at The Footy Almanac Grand Final Eve 2018 Lunch. Magnificently delivered, this brought the house down. [Very WA and from an Eagles fan too. JTH]

Lucky 23: A review of Work Work Work

Here’s what John Harms saw in this show, Work Work Work which made him laugh a lot, and made him want to write something in appreciation

Almanac Comedy: Work, Work, Work

Work, Work, Work is a new stage comedy directed by the Almanac’s Matty Quatermaine and is currently running at The Tuxedo Cat in Melbourne. Stone Cold Steve Baker dragged himself off the couch to check it out

Almanac Comedy: New Breaking Dad Season

Matt Quartermaine and Tim Smith live at the Courthouse Hotel in North Melbourne. [Reviews have been excellent – Ed]

Comedy Review – Breaking Dad: Laughing at dads and with them

Do yourself a favour, says Crash Thompson, and get down to the Maori Chief to see Matt Quartermaine and Tim Smith in Breaking Dad.

And Give Up Showbiz?

The two sides of the Melbourne Comedy Festival: the big rooms at the Town Hall and the ‘off-Broadway’ gems like Matty Q and Tim Smith’s ‘Breaking Dad’ show in South Melbourne. Is local laughs, is good.

Comedy Festival – Breaking Dad: Matty Q’s show about fatherhood

Matt Quartermaine’s latest show Breaking Dad premières this week and runs for four nights. Come along.

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 17 Part One

Trevor Marmalade is a household name thanks to his work as a stand-up comic and TV stints on Hey Hey Its Saturday and as the Man Behind the Bar on Channel 9s AFL Footy Show. We were fortunate enough to coax him onto the couch for this week’s podcast. Sit back, open a bottle of your favourite Murrindidni wine and enjoy part one of Trevor Marmalade on the Almanac couch.

Almanac Podcast – Episode 9

Join the crew – Matty Q and JTH and Stone Cold Steve Baker with special guests Cheryl Critchley and Tinsel Tony Wilson as they show that all hours are equal but some hours are shorter than others.

The Footy Almanac Podcast: Episode 2

The People’s Elbow, Matt Quartermaine, Jake ‘Wandering’ Norton and Steve Baker are joined by this week’s special guest panelist Tony Moclair. Well, to chat really.

AFL Round 13 – Hawthorn v West Coast: Another case for secession

Matt Quartermaine meets old mates across from WA at Ethical (damn predictive text) Stadium. If only the Eagles bought their ducking game they may have stolen the points.