Round 16 – GWS v Brisbane Lions: Worth the Drive

It was a long drive from Canberra to Sydney for William Westerman to watch his Brisbane team take on GWS In their Round 16 clash but it was well worth the effort as his report explains.

Round 6 – Gold Coast v Brisbane: Peering into the Glare

Phil Hill heads to Metricon for the first time ever – but forgot to take his shorts and thongs. He was impressed by his Lions.

Round 7 thoughts and predictions from Sal

Can’t decide who to pick in the footy this weekend? Sal’s thoughts and predictions for Round 7 might help.

Round 16 – Melbourne v Brisbane: The (hopefully temporary) eternal damnation of the Lions

Brin Paulsen looks hard to find the positives in the Brisbane Lions’ 2015, but can only come up with the glaring deficiencies the Lions need to address if they’re to get up off the mat.

Round 15 – Brisbane v Sydney Swans: The view from Shepparton (via the – ‘Gabba) Back home to see the Lions at home

Peter Schumacher and the Minister escape the chilly confines of downtown Shepparton for a winter break in Brisbane, as the Lions give the Swans a hell of a fight at the ‘Gabba.

Round 6 – Carlton v Brisbane Lions: Doom and Gloom after the Blooms

John Butler reflects on two teams struggling to recover form the mistakes of the past and they paths to ‘recovery’ they’re presently treading. How are those KPI’s looking?

2005 – The (Almost) All Australian SSA Team: Capital Punishment

A decade ago, Canberra was the scene of the SSA 15/Under carnival. See Trent Cotchin back when he used to kick the ball towards the goals, a rookie Cat Ranga who wasn’t Lingy and a pair of injury prone Lions.

Round 3 – Brisbane v Richmond: Playtime in the Lion Park

John Green is a big fan of the Tigers’ work under lights at the ‘Gabba as they take on the Lions

The View From Shepparton Round 1

Peter Schumacher checks in with the round one view of all things AFL from Shepparton and a healthy dose of scepticism for his Mighty Lions

Round 1 – Brisbane v Collingwood: A game of two sides

While all the focus was on Dayne Beams’ debut for the Lions, it was Bam-Bam Rich’s return from a knee reconstruction which nearly spoiled the Pies’ season opener. Fitter for the run, Woodsman Gordon Beet predicts the only way for the Pies is up.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane v Geelong: Pleasure and pain

The Collapso Cats now have three entries in the Top 10 of the greatest leads conceded in VFL/AFL history. Cats fan Scott Frame was at the Gabba to watch history made.

AFL Round 12 – Fremantle v Brisbane: Like a bag of spuds

His favourite seagull missing from its usual spot in the forward pocket; Jeff Farmer seemingly out of the side; conditions cold enough for the grog sheds of the WAFL to overflow with punters seeking warmth; it was going to be a tough day at Subiaco for Fremantle fan Peter Mudie. Still, four points…