Almanac Teams: Round 1 debuts since 1980 (Part 2 – 1990 to 2000)

In the second of four parts, Rodney Boyd looks back at the players who made their debut in Round 1 of the VFL/AFL season from 1980 up to 2022. This section features 1990-2000.

Almanac Footy: A Team for all seasons

Citrus Bob Utber presents his footy team for all seasons made up of players he has watched play over the past seventy years.

Almanac Teams: The Roaring Twenties (1980- )

Rodney Boyd runs us through his team of the best Number 20s since 1980 – this one has plenty of versatile tall timber.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 17 – Collingwood v Brisbane: Wakelin feels all Black after a horror loss

In a 2007 milestone game for Anthony Rocca, Mark Branagan talks all things trains, poor tactics and gloves amidst a Brisbane Lions shellacking.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 9 – Brisbane v Collingwood: Lions smacked in Black’s 200th

Both Brisbane and Collingwood celebrated milestones for stalwarts. But Andrew Stafford details how the home side’s celebrations for Simon Black were cut short when the Pies romped home in the 2007 Indigenous Round clash.

Almanac Lunch (with Matt Zurbo’s book launch): Ken Fraser, Lazar, Chicken and Me

Matt Zurbo’s new book, ‘Heart and Soul’, will be launched tomorrow at a lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel. All welcome. Here’s a tasty morsel, written by Matt himself, of what’s in store. Do yourself a favour…

Almanac Footy Teams – AFLX: The Cyclones

Joe De Petro has come up with a cyclonic footy team. Whether it’s severe enough to put the wind up other teams the answer is blowing in the wind!

Almanac Book Review – The Norm Smith Medallists: The Players Who Delivered On Football’s Grandest Stage

If only a team could be made up of Norm Smith Medallists what a team it would be! Chris Michaels reviews a new book of such players.

A six year old’s Saturday in August

Fatherhood and the joy of a footy loving, (and cricket loving) six year old son as expressed by Edward Olsen.

In the firing line with the ruck rovers

The role of the ruck-rover is defined by the many wonderful exemplars Carolyn Spooner refers to from teams of the’60’s through to the current day.

Round 22 – Essendon v Western Bulldogs: Thank You Mr. Cooney

Well done Coons! Alex fondly farewells a well-loved champion.

Almanac Footy History: In search of the best roving pairs

Who are the mightiest mosquitoes ever to have buzzed around the football packs? Some suggestions from Messrs Sexton and Coventry. Thoughts?

Mount Isa Footy – Mining For Aussie Rules Talent

It is quite likely that the last thing on the mind of John Campbell Miles – as he hopefully kicked rocks along the bed of the Leichhardt River back in 1923 looking for gold or other treasures – was that 90 years later, Australian Rules footballers would be kicking goals of their own near that [Read more]

Simon Black and the things that count

In writing his book, Old Dog spends some time with Simon Black. The conversation reminds him of an old footy story.

Hi, I’m Simon Black…

Matt Watson recalls his meetings with Simon Black and reviews his career. A champion on and off the field.

AFL Round 13 – Brisbane v Geelong: A childhood dream fulfilled

Childhood memories came flooding back for Andrew Weiss as Ash McGrath kicked the winning goal after the siren. He suspects he’s not alone.

Cornes, Black, and other club games record holders

As Cobba rounds up the stats for Round 12, he contemplates two record-breaking milestones (and how they compare with his own efforts).

AFL Round 12 – Fremantle v Brisbane: A Black day for Brisbane

This game was all about Simon Black, so the decision to sub him off left Lions fan Andrew Weiss ropable. Maybe it’s time to hand Voss the red vest and sub him out of the coaches box, he writes.

Learning from Pierre

 By John Green My jobs are almost done. I’ve ridden the bike up to La Trobe Uni and back for the exercise, completed the Saturday morning chores for the favour of the wife and visited a mate in the Austin. It’s time to spend some hours in front of the box watching a double header [Read more]

AFL Round 10: North squander chances while Simon Black takes his

North Melbourne 12.9.81 lost to Brisbane 15.9.99 2.10pm, Saturday, May 30 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne by Andrew Starkie The Preston Market is my late Friday afternoon ritual. Ham and Cheese from the Greek deli. Salmon from the Vietnamese fish shop. Piped James Taylor floating above the friendly din. Looking down proudly like a portrait of the [Read more]