AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: Tassie turns on Hawks

The Phantom speaks: When Tassie football poo-bah attacks Hawthorn, he deserves all that comes his way.

AFL Winners and Losers: Rounds 13 through 15

Facing Sydney, Collingwood and Essendon in three successive weeks and coming away with two wins means Port Adelaide are, by far, the biggest winners of this three round period.

The Curse of the bye

More teams lose the game after the bye than not – but is it as simple as blaming the week’s rest? Cobba Stevens thinks there’s more to it.

AFL Round 14 – Richmond v St.Kilda: Dear Saints

Yvette Wroby focusses on the less pleasing new look of the St Kilda Football Club from a fan’s perspective and how this new transition will affect her and her fellow St Kilda supporters.

AFL Round 13 – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Jack’s back

Neeld Footy is gone, Jack Watts is back – it was a good day at the G, writes Steve Healy.

AFL Round 14 – Geelong v Fremantle: Cats dust off 2007 game plan

Lowell George sang Neil Belford home after a melancholy night out at the Cattery, where the Cats dusted off Bomber Thompson’s 2007 game plan to thrash the Dockers.

AFL Round 14 – Port Adelaide v Collingwood: A pilgrimmage to Pies versus Port

Holly Fahey has the job ahead of her – she has to choose the Danny Roach votes for the worst three Pies players of the game. It took some time, but her worst on ground should please a few opposition supporters.

AFL Round 14 – Geelong v Fremantle: Ross Lyon is like a Lannister

You know the nerves and beers are kicking in when someone starts using Game of Thrones analogies to describe footy coaches – and this was well before the first bounce.

AFL Round 14 – Review: Booing – why?

The Pharmacology College Cup, Magpies v Magpies and Sheedy goes basic: Paul Thomson suggests that the AFL face reality as he wraps up the week in football.

AFL Round 14 – Port Adelaide v Collingwood (Haiku Bob): no one home

Haiku Bob on Round 14.

AFL Round 14 – West Coast v Essendon: In Jobe we trust

The spirit and fire that the Bombers have shown this year has been outstanding. We can only speculate the outcome of the ASADA investigation, but in the mean time it would be rude not to acknowledge the on-field efforts of the Bombers in the first half of season 2013.

AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions: Some undies have all the luck

Despite the winter Launceston day, Adam Muyt chose to forego his extra thermals and plumped for his lucky Royboy undies instead. Well, they were lucky earlier this century.

AFL Round 14 – Gold Coast v Adelaide: A chat with our newest Prime Minister

Bob Utber has a chat with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd following the Gold Coast-Adelaide game.

AFL Round 14 – Sydney v Carlton: Not exactly a bloodbath

David Williams and his mates are determined to reenact the Swans/Blues “Bloodbath” of 1945. While everyone is game for the pre-match requirement of downing six beers, who will put their hand up to whack the goal umpire?

AFL Round 14 – Melbourne v Western Bulldogs: Trying to repeat the past

Neil Anderson was lucky enough to be there when Footscray exorcised those Demons in the 1954 Grand Final, unfortunately they couldn’t quite do it on the weekend. The past simply couldn’t be repeated.

AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: A lovers’ tiff

Tasmania wants more from its partnership with Hawthorn, while Buddy’s long-term relationship with his club may also be on the rocks. Is it something in that famous Tasmanian water causing all this consternation?

AFL Round 14 – West Coast v Essendon: Let the Eagles fly at Yarraville

Rod Oaten long ago proposed that the Eagles should have been from Yarraville, not West Coast. And he’s no happier with West Coast now, following this week’s performance by supporters and coach.

AFL Round 14: The View from Shepparton

In a week where Peter Schumacher finally accepts that his Lions cannot make the eight, he cheers on the good guys, has sneaky hopes for the Suns and pronounces the Port win good for football.

AFL Round 14 – Geelong v Fremantle: Freo will never win the flag – ever (a considered review)

Stephen Cooke takes a swig of the scotch and assesses Fremantle’s premiership prospects.

AFL Round 14 – West Coast v Essendon: Déjà Vu

Jobe Watson’s display against West Coast reminded Sam of a brilliant Hird performance against the same team after a similar week in the spotlight.