Almanac Footy: Bad Law.

North Melbourne was robbed of victory on Saturday when a mandatory punishment was applied due to an interchange infringement. As a criminal-defence solicitor, Andrew Fraser believes the punishment did not fit the crime, and it’s time for a rule change. He presents his case.

AFL 2019: What happens when you press Ctrl-Alt-Delete in the AFL?

An unpredictable season? Having trouble with your tipping? David Bruce suspects the AFL’s suite of rule changes has effectively hit Control-Alt-Delete on proceedings.

‘Free’ Thinking and ‘The State of the Game’

Peter Baulderstone is happy with his Eagles but wonders if rugby tactics are taking over the Australian game. Some musing on changing the risk/reward of free kicks to encourage open running, long kicking and high marking (explain it to your kids).

Discouraging third man up is discouraging mediocrity

The AFL’s ban of the third man up was bound to polarise the greater football community. Jared Newton sees the positive side of the rule.

Get Out of the Umpire’s Way

Phil Hill, cricket umpire, has an idea to improve footy umpiring.

Discussion: what do we do with the advantage rule in Australian football?

Jim Young wants some sensible thinking around the advantage rule. [Interesting observationre the use of the umpy’s whistle in footy – Ed]

Being Ruled By The Rules

Liam Quin offers more common sense about AFL umpiring and rules adjudication, than will be heard in a year of Rules Committee deliberations or a month of talkback radio.

Rules of the game – Chapter 2: The impossible dream*

Charlie Krebs ‘the Footy Bogan’ helpfully defines the physiology of Collingwood players and their opponents (as defined by Magpies fans). He also provides a computer algorithm to “clarify” holding the ball decisions.

Rules of the game – Chapter 1: OOF and DOB

Charlie Krebs fears that the average footy fan (and most commentators) are wilfully and woefully ignorant of the rules of the game. The Footy Bogan sets out on a journey of enlightenment.

Welcome to the Devolution

Jeff Dowsing applies the Theory of Devolution, and some whip-cracking, to the current direction of the AFL rule-makers.