Round 8 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: A double showdown day

Nick Kossatch had two showdowns in one day – a local grudge match and the Port Adelaide v Adelaide clash. In an exciting and long day, he saw plenty of entertaining footy.

Round 20 – Adelaide v Port Adelaide: Port pipped at the post in a Showdown thriller

Capping off an outrageous two days of footy, the Showdown was one for the ages. Chris Michaels has some observations.

Round 3 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: Showdown 42 – A day and a half

Between his Grandpa’s 80th birthday and socialising, Aidan Hammond managed to catch as much of the Showdown as he could. The night ended well for the Crows fanatic.

Round 3 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: Crows Go Top Of The Tree

A happy Malcolm Ashwood is on top of the world today as his Crows top the AFL ladder after defeating arch rivals Port Adelaide in the South Aussie Showdown.

Round 2 – Hits and Misses

After a big weekend of footy, Tom Riordan reviews Round 2 and what the results mean for the teams.

Round 5 – Adelaide v Port Adelaide: Run Franky Run

Handbag Hansen was in his natural habitat – the Royal Exhibition Hotel in Sydney – to see the Showdown, which reminded him of Old Mate Franky.

Round 5 – Adelaide v Port Adelaide: Port Win Showdown 4,983, Social Media Melts Down

Chris Michaels admires Port Adelaide’s performance against the arch enemy, and reckons Phil Walsh has a fair way to go to catch up to “demi-god” Ken Hinkley.

AFL Round 15 – Adelaide Crows v Port Adelaide: Showdown at the Bob Neil Bar

Rulebook reports from the Bob Neil Bar around the corner from Adelaide Oval where his Crows keep their finals hopes alive against a tiring Port Adelaide.

AFL Round 19 – Adelaide v Port Adelaide: A single goal

There was a time when Ang Pippos wanted it all. On Sunday, all she wanted in life was to BEAT PORT ADELAIDE.

AFL Round 19 – Adelaide v Port Adelaide: The Chad is dead, long live the Chad

Port would be languishing in the bottom six of the competition without Chad Wingard, who has been instrumental in five of their closest victories.

AFL Round 19 – Review: The View from Shepparton

Peter Schumacher is not one for hyperbole, so there must be some truth his claim that Sunday’s Showdown was one of the greatest matches in AFL history.

AFL Round 3 – Port Adelaide v Adelaide: Thank you for faulty keypads

Faulty work equipment on the Tabar Islands in PNG triggered a chain of events that culminated in Dangerous Dan Hansen arriving in time for a Showdown for the ages. Thanks again Elrec multi-channel induced polarisation receiver.

AFL Round 3: Showdown XXXIV

I, for one, am looking forward to attending the first Showdown of the year between the Adelaide Crows and Port Power.  It will also be a showdown of a more personal nature as the director of finances and all things is a firm Power supporter while I will be supporting the Crows – albeit in [Read more]