Almanac Poetry: ‘Ernie’ – Bill Wootton

Bill Wootton pays tribute to the late Ernie Hug, the former Collingwood player with huge hands.

Round 7 – Haiku Bob: voices carry

Another close one for the Pies as Haiku Bob reflects on Collingwood’s win over Adelaide and the pleasure of ‘driving home the little bump of a flattened crow’.


Using rhyme as an alternative Damian Balassone puts Clarko into perspective.

Almanac (Footy) Poetry: Umpire Dissent

There has been a lot of comment about umpire dissent of late, here’s one from Rhys Howells in verse.

Round 5 – There was a young team from SEQ

Troy BOP is back with his view of the Round 5 matches in limerick.

Almanac Poetry: ‘the live sherrin’ – Bill Wootton

Bill Wootton on that most animated of inanimate objects, the footy.

Almanac Poetry: ‘The True Believers’ – Bruce Dawe

‘The True Believers’ is a footy poem from Bruce Dawe, one of Australia’s greatest and most loved poets.

Jake Lever Leaving

‘Jake Lever Leaving’, a poem from Damian Balassone, reflects the despair when a favourite footballer leaves the club.

Almanac (Footy) Poetry: ‘Opportunity’ – Bill Wootton

Bill Wootton’s footy poem ‘Opportunity’ reflects a split second decision that should have won Collingwood the Anzac Day clash against Essendon in 1995.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Eddie Betts’s Shorts’ – Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers expresses his love of footy with memories of icons of the game, especially Eddie Betts’s shorts.

Retrieving the Footy from the Tree

Another extract from Damian Balassone’s collection of footy-theme poems, ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’.

Beach Footy

Damian Balassone shares a seasonally-appropriate poem from his collection: ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’.

Almanac Poetry: ‘Chicken’ Smallhorn

A poem about the legendary Fitzroy champ, Wilfred ‘Chicken’ Smallhorn, by Stephen Whiteside.

Almanac poetry: The sweet spot

Vin M remembers his mum and aunty while having a kick with his cousin.

Almanac Reviews: These Treasures – Old Dog on the joy of a book

Find out why Damian Balassone’s recent book, ‘A Strange Game in a Strange Land’ is a treasure trove of delights for Matt Zurbo.

Ode to Women’s Footy (in the Corona absence)

Paul Spinks celebrates his joy for women’s footy by penning a wonderful tribute to their game.

Almanac Poetry: The Night of the Premiership

Kevin Densley’s poem on the 2007 Geelong premiership.

Almanac Poetry: A to Z of Footballers Past

Kevin Densley puts an A-Z of retired footballers to verse. (Who would you have picked for U? – Ed).

Poem – Harlequin with Australian Rules Football

Kevin Densley paints a picture with poetic words about our great game of footy.

AFLW Round 3 – Haiku Bob: just a few points

So close, yet so far, feathers ruffled, Pies fly off to swoop another day. Haiku Bob reflects.