Grand Final Reflection: Tears for the Tigers

There was something different about this year’s Tigers. Right from the very start

Being Ruled By The Rules

Liam Quin offers more common sense about AFL umpiring and rules adjudication, than will be heard in a year of Rules Committee deliberations or a month of talkback radio.

Doing Good With Good Friday Footy

Liam Quinn sets out the case for Good Friday Footy. Mandatory novelty cheque included.

Lismore Swans – A Footy Team On The Frontier

There are plenty of obstacles for a club in a region where Aussie Rules is a poor relation. But, as Liam Quin reports, there is no shortage of camaraderie at the Lismore Swans footy club.

Round 7 Carlton v Collingwood: The Malthouse Conundrum

Mick Malthouse is is topic of discussion once again, this time from an outsider (non Carlton or Collingwood writer Liam Quin) who gives some thoughts on this interesting modern day story of a crusader. Liam asks whether Mick is playing the man or the ball.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Richmond v Carlton: A Family Tree Of Tigers

Liam Quin’s grandfather was a proud Tiger. He passed away the week before their first final. A trip to Yarrawonga to bid him farewell brought many memories, all steeped in yellow and black.

AFL Round 14 – Richmond v St Kilda: Just Your Average 10-Goal Tiger Win

Tigers fans calmly watching their players perform well; Richmond winning the games they should; a style that seems sustainable – it seems footy as we had known it has changed forever.

Review Essay: Going To The Local Footy

Liam Quin weaves a day at the local footy with his discussion of life in the city and the recently-released book Footy Town.

Cats Fans Have Much To Celebrate

In contrast to 2010, this year it was easy to decide who to barack for in the Grand Final. I live in Collingwood, not far from the traditional Collingwood home ground of Victoria Park. It was to this station that I walked in the rain to catch a train to a friend’s house to watch the [Read more]

A Soliloquy On Injury

  by Liam Quin Each time you enter the field of play, there is always that nagging thought at the back of your mind. The one that reminds you that there is a real chance of you being seriously injured. Riding my bike through the streets in peak hour, that thought is there as well. [Read more]

Blues Warrior reaches 200 games

University Blues has an extraordinary turnover of players. Every year huge numbers of students enrol and are drawn toward the picturesque oval. This is a double-edged sword for the club. It is a boon for recruiting but university students tend to travel or move when they complete their degree meaning many players only remain at [Read more]