The Raving Rulebook Video – First Edition


You’ve read his fine work on The Footy Almanac. You’ve taken his phone calls. You’ve bought his raffle tickets. Now watch Rulebook share his thoughts on football, sport and life on the first ever Raving Rulebook Video!


  1. awesome

    hard on Rance. Taylor kicked 4 not 14, they cut us up upfield and had a big body keeping Astbury accountable

    the reason – depth. they could take Taylor down to replace Hawkins and still have Henderson and Lonergan and Mackie and the smaller Tuohy in the backs. Smith and Stanley b Nank and Soldo – no contest.

    so while the outs were big, their ins were huge. we lose Jack we bring in a 7th small chaser. and move CAddy upfront. chalk and cheese.

    we are doing real good when you look at our list and the team we are picking from it.

    and not playing that well that often.

    that has to count for something. not this year, but down the road?

  2. Great concept Book, but you need to sack your wardrobe, hair and make-up experts. Not cutting the mustard!

    A good head for radio????

    Agree with comments on Jenkins, could be so much more. Brogan definitely had some mongrel! In my mind, and not from a physical perspective necessarily, best basketballer to transition, Pendlebury by a mile, but agree with your Greenwood thoughts, such quick hands in tight, clearly comfortable in a crowd.

  3. Bring on “FQ Sport” (or is it “The Book Club”) with Strauchanie’s alter-ego as a stunt double. Park 10 is a much better setting than KC’s channel niners. A bit early to dismiss Rance (like Tex did) because finals pressure when everyone is desperate makes it easier for defenders.

  4. Love it RULEBOOK

  5. Lovely lisa says

    Gold Book. Totally agree with you Book re Anderson.

  6. I agree with your comments Rulebook and I liked the Sally Pearson mention too. Are you going to incorporate a sign-off line into your weekly videos, like “keep on punching”?

  7. Dear Prez (Real or Not)

    Love the union wear. Although I would question how many recruiting and organising opportunities there are in the park?

    Was looking for an anger, hope , action theme.

    Are you just trying to suck us in with free online content only to impose a pay wall later? (Online version of the raffle book)

    I noticed the product placement . Is this cash for comment or just for a few frithies on Friday night at the fav watering hole?

    Next week will we get a live cross from the Port as the Legs thump Port?

  8. What a shocker!!! However agree wholeheartedly re Greenwood – has a bit of mongrel and great hand/eye coordination – provides a bit of spark to the system.

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Loved it Rulebook. Fantastic you mentioned Sally Pearson, what an effort, surely now she could be considered our finest track athlete of the last 50 years?
    Looking forward to weekly Raving Rulebook Videos, reckon you could be a YouTube sensation!

  10. Cameron Glenn says

    The MRP are inconsistent. Needs to be sorted out ASAP. I don’t think the other sports/codes like the NRL and the round ball game have the same problems with suspensions. While I don’t think the AFL should have a sin bin or red card, these punishments can be quite amusing for the crowd when an opponent gets sent off.

    Richmond are known to break hearts. Can’t beat Geelong and have not since 2006. The Cats are so good at KP and I think went in with a lot of heart and willpower to win that. Chris Scott knows how to beat Damien Hardwick. While the Tigers may be favs against Freo and St Kilda we can’t forget they lost to those sides earlier in the year so no certainties. The tigers won’t want to face the Crows, Cats or Giants in the top 4.

  11. Great stuff, Malcolm. Very balanced. Agree with the Rance commentary.

    Liked the formal trackies, too.

  12. Matt Zurbo says

    Rulebook! You ripper! Killer idea. You have to do your own radio show down the line. For now, this is great. I want to see more RAVING! Go off mate! Put some Palmer’s Punchlines into it! Haha!

    I’m not up with AFL lingo, so don’t know what MRP is and don’t care. Going by this video it seems to be about the tackles. It’s all a fucking joke. A sport run by marketing people, not sportsmen and sportswomen. Was never a fan of Danger (seems like a bit of an… extrovert) but he was damn well crucified. I will not let the AFL win by then deciding, by their rules, who should stay or go. You can’t dictate someone’s career by which way a coin will fall.

  13. Mark Duffett says

    Reckon you got Sally Pearson exactly right. So much of sport is played between the ears. I wonder how AFL draft recruiters go about assessing this aspect of their prospects.

    The monologue works pretty well, however I’d love to see how it went with an antagonist. A Roy Slaven to your HG Nelson. Maybe get Dave Brown to nip over during his lunch break.

  14. What a backdrop! Entrance to the great pantheon – Chops, Griff, Moth , JT, Katsy , The Ratman, Anton, Whales , Bagman – need I go on.

    Greenwood is a star and how good would he have been if he had come in earlier – and a great example of the crossover between the 2,sports. Pendlebury, Heppell etc etc . Jenkins has made a significant jump over the last month – but a sports psychologist’s dream !! Seems a very anxious man in his worst moments. Sydney / Adelaide looks like a preview to the GF – Crouches have come a long way in 12 months and maybe the difference to the outcome- Brad has come back to what he threatened to be earlier. Mate the high viz is a little off in that setting- please see Griff for some college attire but well done on your thought provoking commentary!!

  15. Cameron I have rethink that

    I think we should try a Hawks 2015 approach. If we go to Crowl-land and are getting done in week 1, shut up shop

    Then we would most likely get Port in week 2 at the G. Tick! Then the Giants away or the Cats at the G – we can win that, too.

    Which would give us a chance against the Crows. This time at the G. Still wouldn’t fancy us, but seems our best pathway, after losing last week.

    (requires Port to sneak ahead of Swans on %, and us to win and them both lose this week. Reassess if doesn’t happen…)

  16. The Rulebook says

    Peter don’t get me wrong,Rance is a v v good player I am not basing my thoughts just re last,Sat re him defensively has been towelled up on several occasions when standing a player ( Hogan and Walker etc ) he is the plus 1 back pocket is where he MUST be picked in the all ausr team and I have been stunned by the tigers with that list to be contending is truly remarkable.Willo yep def a good head for radio I ain’t winning any beauty awards I admit re physicality,Jenkins has been better in that regard lately big test tonight,I knew,Pendles had been a outstanding basket baller but he wasn’t a switch over was he ? ( knackers is that correct) Greenwood has been a revelation.Magical thank you and not dismissing,Rance more pointing out he is the plus 1 star.Holsty and LL thank you.Paul good idea I will work something out.Farmboy I wish I understood the making a dollar part from this caper and as we both no the legs can only improve from last week ( Kiwi is a vital addition this week ) Thanks Droop 1st 3 words are a bit harsh.Luke definitely re Sally Pearson ( would be interesting comparison re career achievements v Cathy Freeman) and your help re The you tube part would be greatly appreciated thanks folks

  17. Rulebook, it makes such a difference to see teams live of course. I hadn’t seen Richmond live until Saturday. I thought Geelong were very good against them, starting with Smith in the middle. Richmond struggled to score. If you look at their goals they got two early before Geelong had touched the footy. Then they got a run of four late in the third quarter. The thing I noticed was that neither side had many real weapons. But Richmond had fewer. Martin can’t be in two places at once. It was a game of mid-field footy where the ball went forward from time to time. Harry was the difference. At times he played like a defender up forward – determined to spoil Rance and keep the footy in there. It was a highly entertaining game, but not a high quality game. Guthrie was good.

  18. Good idea Malcolm…..agree comments about Rance and i also think Lever will be found out when the onus is put on him to go one on one with the key forwards of the comp…800k a year , they must be joking, if he is worth that much then what is Talia worth.Yes the mrp is so controversial at the moment, but where does the answer lie Malcolm it just seems to me that whatever system they introduce will fail…i think the trick is to find one that does not fail so much as we will never find a perfect one in my opinion.

  19. The Rulebook says

    Cameron I am just astounded re MRP it was been bizarre and bitterly disappointing re the tigers as I have said above I am astounded with what they have achieved in 2017.Marcd thank you and go the trackless.
    Old dog yes I will add a bit of that and yes I can’t exspress my disgust re Danger and Grundy suspensions just so so so wrong for the good of the game in so many ways.Mark thank you and a idea to consider.the clubs also do plenty of physiological tests of players re the draft.Bill I thought you would like the location and I admit I didn’t think thru attire big game in some regards tonight.Peter love your optism.JTH definitely the way to go playing the tigers to play,Rance tactically,Port were fantastic against the tigers here it was the players execution stuffed it up fow who the Cats had out it was a fantastic effort
    ( I broke the 11th commandment and tipped,Richmond ) thank you

  20. Thanks RB. Not much to add this week although I do agree with “good head for radio”.
    Greenwood is a gem, tough and great hands. His ability to to a contested grab as a mid is not to be underrated.
    MRP is a farce, scrap it and start again in 2018.

  21. Nice work book! work on your delivery a bit and I think you are really on to something. Keep it up.

  22. Good one Rulebook

  23. Mark Ducker says

    Fully agree RB – interesting Jimmy Bartel has resigned off the MRP today – I doubt business commitments was the true reason at this time of year with only weeks to fulfill your commitment.! Yes a lottery MRP every week. Yes agree lawyer Adrian Anderson had no idea with footy tribunal issues and his legacy still infiltrates our great game today – WHY his non-footy intelligent ideas were permitted is a poor reflection of Andrew Demetriou’s leadership and now Gillon McLachlan letting his legacy continue. They are so concerned about political correctness they lose their responsibility and focus to maintain the fabric of the game why it has been so good well before they were born. The game has rid thankfully the biffo and cowardly behind the play acts back in the mid 80’s / 90’s when I played. I was a victim of such in a final. Now we suspend fair players for ACCIDENTS – it’s like me as a businessman telling my staff NOT to come to work for 2 weeks as a punishment ( that makes the business money) for unintentionally coming to work with a shaving cream behind their ear! We need INTELLIGENT past players without ANY LEFT BENT to revamp this current system. Lets bring back INTENT and not consequential INJURY to decide an appropriate penalty. ACCIDENTS do occur in footy ( as a contact sport) and if you are not prepared to be on the receiving end of an ACCIDENT, please don’t play. If Mum’s think the same then please cocoon your sons to play sports like soccer ( a boring world game) but so slow and boring and good luck re scoring or more than 5-10 minutes of real action, or tiddly winks! Also don’t let them drive as someone might not give way to them and hit them and hurt them. And don’t cross the road in case someone runs a red light! If a player 2-actions a tackle but luckily the opponents head misses the ground then who cares – SUSPEND them as just luck they are not concussed. Likewise a 1-action correct tackle like Dangerfield was a pure accident. DON’T suspend an ACCIDENT with NO INTENT to hurt him. Australian Rules Footy is the best sport in the world clearly but we need to keep some people involved on the correct path and focused why this game is the greatest game in the world. Not the Adrian Andersons / Andrew Demetriou / and maybe the McLachlan’s of the world – send them away to destroy other sports! What we are seeing in the AFL is what we are seeing in our world today. We are currently seeing a gross over-correctness in social values and opinions in so many aspects of life. The AFL is just another victim. As my great Dad has always said to me – with any change there are always those that seek OVER-CORRECTNESS but in time those people are snuffed out and COMMON SENSE will eventually prevail somewhere in between. Right now the AFL is still in an over-corrected state but it will eventually meet “somewhere in between” once we have the TRUE ( non politically affected) leadership. Great leaders LEAD – not sure Gillon has it in him on current performance. That person will eventually come to the for and LEAD this great game back to middle ground UNDERSTANDING intent of a player – it’s very easy. I just look at the player’s EYES – it tells the FULL story!!

  24. Nice one multimedia Rulebook.

  25. Pure gold Book – just like the colour of your high-vis top.

  26. Stan the Man says

    Rulebook…..Now there is a great face for radio lol

  27. Jeff Milton says

    It has been a great season but yes the MRP needs to be sorted. I like your car growing through a red light analogy

  28. A natural media personality you are Rulebook… just not the video based media! ;)
    I must admit I hadn’t considered your idea that Greenwood was like a basketball guard on the football field with his quick hands and deflections but it’s a very astute observation and spot on the money in consideration. He also doesn’t mind getting down and dirty which is a fantastic trait as well. Nice one!

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