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This morning the SRP announces that, following this week’s review, it has suspended the MRP indefinitely for failing to use available powers to punish players for staging.


Additional loading has been applied due to previous bad record (several years of it).


The SRP takes staging very seriously believing it compromises umpires and opposition players, brings the game into disrepute, and that the MRP has constantly failed in its duty of care to eradicate this form of cheating.


The MRP has also been found guilty of refusing players natural justice by not allowing precedence as a defence or the right to appeal without fear of further punishment, especially following frivolous reports when a fine should suffice.


During its exile the MRP will be required to educate itself on matters pertinent to the spirit of the game.


Residing in the MRP’s place will be the KRC (Kangaroo Review Court).



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  1. Not staging — except in the Collingwood goal square — is what makes Our great Game different from the roundball game. I’m with you Pablo; Maybe it should be dealt with under a separate review process and penalties applied. Over dramatisation = 1 week. Inside the 50m arc = 2 weeks. Penalties cumulative. Repeat offenders incur an automatic 1 week suspension plus the penalty for the actual offence on the day. Brownlow ineligibility applies to those found guilty of staging. Although, I do draw the line at forehead branding.

    But what would really stamp it out is awarding frees against the perpetrators..

  2. Paul agree some blatant and obvious cases this year when sanctions had to be issued re staging
    M Crouch,Rance,Oliver,Dangerfield,Padley etc absolutely pathetic nearly as bad as the suspensions of Dangerfield and Grundy appalling and incompetent administration in my opinion

  3. Paul Spinks says

    Dead set, Wrap and Rulebook – and perhaps a more definitive series of fines:

    Throwing head back – $1000
    Throwing back head and arms – $2000
    Doubling over in mock pain – $10,000
    Falling to ground as if hit by bullet – $1,000,000

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