The Wrap – A letter from the Saloon Bar

The Wrap returns. Drawn from his Pooncarie lair by the state of AFL affairs, he isn’t holding back.

Raving Rulebook 18

Malcolm Ashwood has never been so stunned and flabbergasted as he presents a fired up edition of Raving Rulebook.

Et Tactus – Tommy’s sin against the Almighty

Dips O’Donnell’s take on contact with the untouchable umpires, the ballad of Tom Hawkins and other tongue-in-cheek Shakespearean tragedies.

One left hook

Tomas Bugg landed a massive left hook on Callum Mills’ chin on the weekend, scoring a knockout blow. Unfortunately for Bugg, it took place on the footy field, not a boxing ring.

My thoughts on Houli’s case and the media

Japanese footy correspondent looks at the Houli case from another country for a different perspective.

AFL: How the Match Review Panel Works

Confused? Dips O’Donnell is here to clear up the workings of the Match Review Panel.

Round 10: Sal’s Preview

Sal on the Jonas- Gaff incident from Round 9 and his preview of Round 10.

ASADA, Essendon and the AFL – Is it over yet?

It’s decision day for 34 current and former players at the Hangar in Tullamarine. Will the tribunal findings put a much needed full-stop on the story, or do we all just end up at another square-dance?

Special Sub

Charlie Krebs reckons the Saints should have been allowed an extra substitute player when Maverick Weller was concussed by a reportable charge from an opponent. Justice or dangerous precedent?

Don’t do a Polkinghorne

Matt Watson reviews the players code of silence when testifying before the Tribunal. When is a lie a convenient memory lapse?

Jack Off: a relief or should the system be flushed down the cistern?

Jeff Dowsing reviews the Viney/bump/Tribunal/farce/imbroglio and suggests that Gillon and the AFL have some explaining to do. How do lawyers arrive at common sense that evades ex-footballers?

Middle Australia Rule(s) Committee

North Melbourne small-forward Brent Harvey has been offered a four-match ban for two separate incidents: a three-match ban for striking West Coast’s Daniel Kerr and a one-match ban for striking Kerr’s teammate Adam Selwood in the Kangaroos’ season-ending loss in Perth yesterday. Middle Australia Rule(s) committee. Rule 1. Smacking an annoying opponent There are players, [Read more]

crio’s Q: MRP shambles

Mark Fraser. Peter Carey. Paul Broderick. The MRP. “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. Apparently there is widespread dissatisfaction (dismay/distrust) with the AFL’s Match Review Panel. It’s a soft target. Who’s got a solution?

Please explain!

by Medium Dazza Smith   I try not to be one-eyed, I really do! I even applauded a couple of good Melbourne grabs on Sat night, but enough is enough!   Can someone please provide me with a plausible, metaphorical, meaningful or even meteorological explanation as to how L. Montagna is likely to be missing [Read more]