Raving Rulebook No 7

Rulebook, Adelaide’s own Sunny Boy, is not a Happy Man this week as he takes on the MRP, gives out a Baggy Green and mentions two kinds of Boycott. He’ll be alone with himself on Grand Final day.

Match Review Panel: Consistently Inconsistent

Anna Pavlou comes in off the long run in this searing assessment of the MRP.

Decoding the MRP: My brain hurts

Jeff Dowsing has had a tough time trying to figure out how the MRP are making their decisions this season; especially with head high charges.

Supporters Review Panel

Paul Spinks has taken issue with the staging taking place in the AFL.

Almanac Tribunal Comment: Showing the Instruments

Anson Cameron wrote a piece about the MRP and frying like pork cracklin in 2012. Only the names have been changed to suit this moment in 2017.

AFL: How the Match Review Panel Works

Confused? Dips O’Donnell is here to clear up the workings of the Match Review Panel.

Round 2 – Hits and Misses

After a big weekend of footy, Tom Riordan reviews Round 2 and what the results mean for the teams.

Era, era on the wall; 2011 –

The final installment of what has been a fantastic series on the history and evolution of the VFL/AFL. Jeff Dowsing looks at the challenges now facing the game and concludes that less is more (you’ll get no arguments there Jeff)

Match Review Panel: more Paul Kelly, less Aussie Crawl

Dave Brown discusses how an 80 year article can relate to today’s football, when discussing umpiring and the ever controversial Match Review Panel.

Round 20 Preview – Take a whiff of this!

The top four looks increasingly settled so the logjam for positions 5-8 will be the main focus for Round 20… speaking of focus, what is going on with the Match Review Panellists implementing the system?

Don’t do a Polkinghorne

Matt Watson reviews the players code of silence when testifying before the Tribunal. When is a lie a convenient memory lapse?

Jack Off: a relief or should the system be flushed down the cistern?

Jeff Dowsing reviews the Viney/bump/Tribunal/farce/imbroglio and suggests that Gillon and the AFL have some explaining to do. How do lawyers arrive at common sense that evades ex-footballers?

AFL Round 16 – Geelong v Melbourne: Forward to the past

Stevie Johnson in full flight warms the hearts of all at Kardinia Park. Then it happens – again! An undisciplined and unnecessary act – why Stevie J, why?

We didn’t start the ire

Jeff Dowsing’s little ditty on the state of footy (with apologies to Billy Joel).

MRP – it’s the humans, stupid

We all remember the old AFL tribunal – well some of us do. It was hopeless. Subjective as all get out. Inconsistent. Biased. Incredibly frustrating. Everybody agreed, even the AFL commissioners. There had to be a better way. So they scoured the globe, looked at other systems, and decided that the solution was to go [Read more]

Who’s Lie’n

Many moons ago the Phantom cave was hidden away in a quiet little apple and rhododendron growing valley at Lalla – between Karoola and Lilydale (Turbo Zurbo country) in deep dark north eastern Tasmania.   All was well at this time of recent peace in the early nineteen fifties and The Phantom who had recently [Read more]

Phantom is mad

Excuse me but I am mad; seething actually. And the symptoms are worrying. I am so mad that I look forward to noting the MRP’s ruling next time a player has his head split open, is concussed and misses a game or two. Not because I enjoy that sort of stuff in our “man’s game” [Read more]

Fearless – Round 18: Faster, higher, stronger, “cleaner”: AFL vs Olympics…

I’m in the process of assessing my son using MRP (Match Review Panel) rationale. Head high contact to the head of dad – – no video of the incident – provocation earlier in the day from unrelated incident and different person – goes to state of mind – no notable signs of concussion, just a shocking [Read more]

Injustice riles the footy fan

Is there anything that riles the footy fan more than perceived injustice? Just sit in the stands and see the irate supporters vent their spleen at the perception their team “not being given a fair go”. I must admit that I find a similar sense of inequity when it comes to the recent match review [Read more]

Unsaintly behaviour

By Ged McMahon The Match Review Panel copped it this week. Jack Trengove’s 3 match penalty for his tackle on Patrick Dangerfield triggered a very emotional response from many lovers of our game. A number of Demon’s players upset the AFL for critical comments they made on Twitter. I was equally upset about a different [Read more]