Fearless 2017 Finals Weeks Three and Four: The Best Four = The Last Four

Fearless summarises the last two weeks of the finals series.

Grand Final Preview: This Richmond Life

Michael Allan penned this response to the Preliminary Final win. It makes interesting reading given what has transpired! [Sorry for getting this up a little late Michael – JTH]

The Finals’ Wrap Report III: Then there were two

The Wrap has a comprehensive analysis of all the week’s big moments including the Brownlow Medal, the VFL, Grand Final tickets and a detailed preview of the massive Grand Final clash on Saturday afternoon.

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: Richmondy no more?

John Butler wonders whether Richmond can finally remove the ‘Richmondy’ tag this Saturday with a premiership win over the minor premiers Adelaide.

Finals Week 3: Richmond v GWS – Start the chant

Start a new comp! Junior Almanacker Aidan gets controversial.

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: My Day Out at the Footy

Many of us take for granted a big day out at the footy. Not so Liahm O’Brien, who traversed Bass Strait, hoping for a win.

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: The Day I Went to the ‘G with 90,000 of my closest friends.

The MCG (and the city) was awash with the yellow and black of Richmond as 90,000 Tiger fans filled the stadium to watch their team make the Grand Final. Joe De Petro was ecstatic but he also couldn’t help but feel for the GWS supporters.

Raving Rulebook No 7

Rulebook, Adelaide’s own Sunny Boy, is not a Happy Man this week as he takes on the MRP, gives out a Baggy Green and mentions two kinds of Boycott. He’ll be alone with himself on Grand Final day.

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: The Universe is Aligning

Thomas Foster is seeing Richmond succeed in the finals for the first time in his life and and believes 2017 is already a big tick. A premiership win will only make things so much sweeter.

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: Caught in the Richmond Wave – the Orange Year is Over 

After making the trip to Melbourne, Mark O’Sullivan wonders where to next for the Giants. At least he got to enjoy the Dior and Hokusai exhibitions at the NGV.

MRP Raffle: Cotchin-Sloane

Rulebook is fiercely adamant Trent Cotchin must receive a fine for his bump on Dylan Shiel that ended the GWS star’s preliminary final early.

The Wrap Report: Finals’ Edition 2

The Wrap has returned for analysis of the preliminary finals including Adelaide’s massive win, Richmond’s surge to a Grand Final for the first time in 35 years, Cotchin’s bump and Dusty’s Brownlow night.

Finals Week 3 – Six (Talking) Points

Swish with a few of the big issues from the Prelim Finals (at least those that are left after Rulebook’s had a go elsewhere). Clash jumpers, gloating corporates, insufferable winners, Little Gaz, SANFL crowds and Stevie J’s jam tin all get a look in.

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: The Miller-Banister Trophy awaits 

Jack Banister reflects on the Tigers crushing Preliminary Final win and the significance of a Grand Final match-up against the Crows, where the Miller-Banister Trophy will be on the line on the biggest stage of all.

Adelaide and Richmond: Helter skelter, particle physics and the indisputable romance of swashbuckling

On Preliminary Final weekend, Adelaide and Richmond each carved the idea of footy anew. They were superb. Cavalier, high-wire playing styles, shared spirits of Errol Flynn, and two enormous cresting waves of emotion make this Grand Final a footy follower’s dream.

Finals Week 3 – Richmond v GWS: Roaring Tigers and Emotional Yoshi

Japanese correspondent traveled to Coolabah to catch up with a Richmond supporter mate. His mate may not have been there, but he made friends with Tigers supporters and watched a cracking game of preliminary finals footy.

Finals Week 3 – The Penultimate Week: Order is restored

Sal Ciardulli with his deep analysis of this week’s second-to-last round matches (and some Winx news too)

Finals Week 3 – The (insert names here) Cups

For the third successive week in a row back to back to back, this weekend’s finals lack incentive according to Swish. Once more again too, he’s come up with some awards for the winners, based on players who have played for both sides. Any better suggestions?

Away and away

Paul Spinks looks at the issue of more home games for Geelong at Kardinia Park. He compares the Cats home games to other teams in the comp in light of the Qualifying Final being played at the MCG.

The Wrap (is back!): Finals’ Edition 1

Mr Wrap has been up the bush for a couple of years but when word got to the Pooncarrie Pub of a Tigers finals’ victory, Mr Wrap sprung into action…He got back to Richmond, had a season’s worth of press clippings put in front of him and tried to make sense of them. [Not a bad reading of the tea leaves Wrap – Ed]