Almanac Music – Wantok Sing Sing: 16 artists from Melanesia and Australia together in one show (Melbourne/Adelaide)

This is a very special lineup of musicians from the Wantok Musik family, playing together for just two dates in Melbourne and Adelaide this coming weekend.

Almanac Music and Cinema: Telek with David Bridie in concert, and at MIFF

David Bridie is appearing with George Telek in a gig at Memo Music Hall this weekend and both will feature in a movie shown during MIFF.

Almanac Music: Wantok Musik Volume 3

Wantok Musik celebrates their 21st anniversary with the third volume in their compilation series – find out more inside.

David Bridie prepares for the Grand Final with a chat and a rendition of ‘It’s a Grand Old Flag’

David Bridie is a lifelong Dees’ fan. He has lived a Dees’ life. In case you missed the Footy Almanac’s Grand Final lunch on Zoom on Saturday, check out John Harms’s interview with him, including a couple of great renditions of the Melbourne theme song on a unique instrument.

Podcast: Martin Flanagan on Ron Barassi and Melbourne FC (via Speakola)

With thanks to ‘Tinsel’ Tony Wilson’s Speakola program, check out this incredible monologue by Martin Flanagan on Melbourne FC – recently uploaded.

Almanac Music: Wantok Musik Final 2020 Newsletter

Catch up with all the musical happenings from the world of Wantok Musik in their final newsletter for 2020.

Almanac Music: Wantok Musik – July newsletter

David Bridie shares all the latest news and music releases from Wantok Musik with their current newsletter.

Almanac Music – David Bridie: Solomon Islands Ferry Disaster Appeal

Musician David Bridie and Wantok Musik are seeking the support and donations from Almanac readers for the Solomon Islands Ferry Disaster Appeal. Please help if you can.

The Wantok Musik Foundation

Almanacker, staunch Melbourne man, and musician, David Bridie is Artistic Director of the Wantok Musik Foundation, which seeks to promote the music of our region.

Tassie footy in the context of community, people, life

This beautiful song and clip from David Bridie, set in Tasmania, is a reminder of footy and community. It’s timely.

Almanac Music: Maubere Timor Music of the Resistance

Maubere Timor is an ensemble of old school Timor-Leste veterans who spread their love of power in speech through a 12 track album that touches on haunting topics of occupation and songs of their past that will solidify their heroic history and the memory of the resistance movement for future generations.

In collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office for Veterans Affairs Maubere Timor was brought to life in David Bridie’s studio in Melbourne and mixed by Andy Robinson. The sound is passionate and acoustic, with soaring harmonies, laments and songs of inspiration. The idea is not that different from the Buena Vista Socials Club where the veterans have reinvigorated songs of their countries past. But this time it is from the hills behind enemy lines.

An open letter of humble thanks to Martin Flanagan

David Wilson has put into words the essence of what many of us are feeling with this letter of thanks to Martin Flanagan. No doubt we all have a Martin Flanagan story. No doubt we all feel a sense of gratitude, and loss.

The Galahs – Footy features at the Melbourne International Film Festival

Tony Wilson and Rob Heath have made a film detailing the overseas odyssey of a team of football legends. It premieres on the 7th of August as part MIFF. Read on for more details.

Craig Davis and David Bridie: an unlikely combination? Or not?

Steve Fahey’s piece on Craig Davis reminded me of the time Craig contacted me (in 2011) about David Bridie’s masterful song The Deserters, the film clip for which is also outstanding. Here’s that little article. [Do yourself a favour – JTH]

Footy: The Community Cup

Patrick O’Brien reports on the Community Cup which was a big hit again last weekend at Elsternwick Park. This, friends, is what the game can be. [And still is, if you also wander down to Fitzroy from time to time – Ed]

Bengali finesse

Knacker and muso, David Bridie, took these cricket photos from Bengal, India, where he was visiting recently for a Sing Sing tour with some PNG and Yongu musicians.

David Bridie’s song ‘The Deserters’

This is brilliant.