Almanac Music: Vale Shane MacGowan – The Pogues – ‘Dirty Old Town’

Col Ritchie has been a fan of The Pogues for many years, and fondly remembers a memorable performance by them at BluesFest a few years ago. [Like Keith Richards, we thought Shane MacGowan would live on forever but not so. With his death on Thursday, The Footy Almanac reprises this story about The Pogues. Vale Shane MacGowan. – ED]

A Beer with … Mickey Randall

Barry Nicholls continues his ‘A beer with …’ series featuring our sausage roll specialist, beer connoisseur, music and reading fan, and Almanacker favourite – Mickey Randall.

Almanac Music: The Beatles – Concert tour of Australia 1964

It is hard to believe sixty years ago The Beatles toured Australia!

Almanac Reviews: ‘This is Going to be Big’ – documentary review/personal story

Callum Quirk identifies with the actors in ‘This is Going to be Big’ who overcome their fears and develop confidence through the challenge of participating in drama as he explains.

Almanac Music: ‘Pink and Purple Wisteria’ – Songs Involving Flowers

In this week’s installment of KD’s long-running series about popular song themes, the topic is songs involving flowers; as usual, readers’ input is warmly welcomed.

Almanac Music: Dylan Cover Songs – The Top 10: Aussie Style

Karl Dubravs continues his series examining cover versions of Bob Dylan songs. This time Karl devises a top ten list of Bob’s more popular songs covered by Aussie artists.

Almanac Music: The Beatles in Adelaide – From Me To You

Peter Crossing’s formative years in Adelaide were coloured by The Beatles and the mania that surrounded their visit.

Almanac Travel and Music: From New Orleans to Nashville – A Tale of Three Weeks in the USA

Stan and Marlene Kluzek had a cracking time at Jazzfest 2024 during their visit to New Orleans, as well as a side trip to Nashville on their way home.

Almanac Music: ‘Let There Be Rock’ – Songs That Reference Rock and Roll

In this installment of KD’s long-running series about popular song, the theme is songs that reference rock and roll. As usual, readers’ responses are warmly welcomed.

Stereo Stories: 10th anniversary concert

The 10th anniversary of Stereo Stories Concerts will be celebrated during the Willy Lit Fest. Footy Almanacker Smokie Dawson will be one of the featured story tellers.

Almanac Music: The Wallflowers @JazzFest 2024

The Wallflowers closing out the Fais Do Do stage at JazzFest 2024 provided Col Ritchie with perhaps his major highlight of the festival.

Almanac Music (Podcast) – The Beatles: They Came to a Land Downunder

The legendary Beatles tour of 1964 has inspired many – including plenty of Almanackers – and this cultural touchstone is the driver of Gareth Meyer’s new podcast that looks deeply at the phenomenon

Almanac Music: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band @JazzFest 2024

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band are retiring after sixty years of recording and being on the road. Col was there to see one of their final performances at JazzFest 2024.

Almanac Music: Neil Murray at the Trinity Sessions

Peter Crossing spent a great afternoon at the Trinity Sessions in Adelaide with talented musician Neil Murray, an important contributor to Australian music and culture.

Almanac Music: Neil Young and Crazy Horse @ JazzFest 2024.

Neil Young is one of Col’s all time favourites and to see him perform with Crazy Horse at JazzFest 2024 in New Orleans was a real treat and one of the highlights of the festival.

Almanac Music: ‘Here Comes the…’ – Songs Involving the Sun

In this instalment of his long-running series about popular music themes, KD deals with songs involving the sun. As usual, readers’ responses are warmly welcomed.

Almanac (Local) Footy: The One Percenters

Old Dog gives thanks to volunteer Jacquie Langley – and to all the behind-the-scenes workers at local footy clubs

Almanac Music: The Rolling Stones @ JazzFest 2024

The Rolling Stones left everyone at JazzFest 2024 in no doubt why they are the greatest rock and roll band in the world. Col was in New Orleans to see the show.

Almanac Music and Poetry: Remembering Gordon Lightfoot

With the anniversary of the great Gordon Lightfoot’s passing recently, this poem came to mind for James Walton when it first happened, and again now.

Stereo Stories: Sing Along with Smokie Dawson

Smokie Dawson has a brand new Stereo Story. Vin Maskell, long time editor of, explains…

Almanac Music: ‘My Huckleberry Friend’ – Songs about the Moon

In the latest instalment of his long-running series on popular music themes, KD look at songs involving the moon. As usual, readers’ responses are warmly welcomed.