David Bridie prepares for the Grand Final with a chat and a rendition of ‘It’s a Grand Old Flag’




David Bridie is a lifelong Dees’ fan. He has lived a Dees’ life. In case you missed the Footy Almanac’s Grand Final lunch on Zoom on Saturday, check out John Harms’s interview with him, including a couple of great renditions of the Melbourne theme song on a unique instrument. [Interview runs for 20 minutes – Ed]






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  1. Malcolm McKinnon says

    I like the humble old pump-organ. I once saw the legendary Nico playing one of those things for a small audience at the Prince of Wales in St.Kilda (early 1986 if I remember correctly). A strange but memorable gig.

    I reckon the Grand Old Flag is definitely one of the better footy club songs. Here’s a different fresh rendition by my son Otto’s brassy funk band:

  2. David Lloyd says

    l am sure that it’s of people read and enjoyed Martin Flanagan”s series in the 9 press about ‘Demon supporters l have known’
    But there were a few historical myths in his account of a visit to New Britain with David Bridie. The missionaries that were eaten by the Tollia were Fijian,under the direction of an Englishman. George Brown. The Tolai have recently apologised for this. Needless to say the retribution from the German colonial administration was forrmidable.
    The story of the boots seems to be mixed up with that of Thomas Baker,, a missionary who was killed and eaten in Fiji, his sandals were cooked but proved inedible and are now on display in the museum in Suva

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