Almanac (Demon) Life: Success is a Journey not a Destination

Geoff Woolcock has lived a Demon life which he chronicles in this timeline.

Almanac Footy: Splendid isolation? How a Demon premiership will be different

Chris Weaver writes on Melbourne, his club, and the club of his father and grandfather. He describes the significance of Saturday, and the emotional challenge of potential isolation-bound Grand Final revelry.

Almanac Reviews: These Treasures – Old Dog on the joy of a book

Find out why Damian Balassone’s recent book, ‘A Strange Game in a Strange Land’ is a treasure trove of delights for Matt Zurbo.

An Hour in Heaven

Robbie Flower, an excerpt from Damian Balassone’s recent release, ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’.

Almanac Book Review: Phil Dimitriadis on Damian Balassone’s ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’

Phil Dimitriadis has followed the emergence of Damian Balassone as a poet since 2008. They have a fair bit in common, as this review essay suggests. ‘Strange Game in a Strange Land’ will resonate with those who love words and the game.

Robbie Flower at the Western Oval

Damian Balassone has just published a book of poems about footy greats, here’s one about the dazzling Robbie Flower.

Almanac Teams: Citrus Bob’s All-Time Top 20 Players

Not wanting to miss out on the act, Citrus Bob Utber has come up with his top 20 players of all time. He should know what he is talking about.

Living as a Demon in a Swans Family

“Everyday I wish they would do it for Robbie”. Piffy brings a whole heap of personal meaning to this Sunday’s game between the Swans and Demons

Era, era on the wall; 1977-1986

Jeff Dowsing continues with his fantastic look at bygone football eras. Many think the 70s and 80s where the greatest in footy. Actually they nearly killed but ultimately saved football. A must read for students of the game.


A sad Matt Zurbo spent time getting to know Robbie Flower. Here he offers some observations of a much-loved man.

Robbie Flower: Poetry in Motion

A link to Melbourne Football Club’s video montage tribute to the artist made footballer Robbie Flower. Monet in red and blue with white shorts. Your memories welcomed.

Turnbull Stakes Preview – Vale Robert Flower

Sal Ciardulli honours one of the most graceful and fair players following the early passing of legendary Demons wingman Robbie Flower. And there are the first big Spring races at Flemington and Randwick.