Round 8: Snippets of footy

Old Dog cast an eye over last weekend’s Round 8. His vast experience helped him to pick out the key components.

Almanac (Footy) Life: Tribute to Old Dog on his 700th game of footy

The Old Dog (Matt Zurbo) plays his 700th game of footy this Saturday 5 August. His long time team mate Sean Maxwell pays tribute to one of life’s great human beings and his incredible milestone. [Well played Old Dog – Congratulations from all at the Footy Almanac family! -Ed]

Almanac (Footy) Life: A Notable Milestone

Old Dog plays his 700th game of footy on Saturday 5 August. The Colac Herald newspaper pays tribute.

Almanac (Footy) Life: Old Dog to play his 700th game of footy

Congratulations to the Old Dog who plays his 700th game of footy on Saturday 5 August.

Almanac Country Footy: The Pub – Season 41

Old Dog is balancing family, work, life, and preparing for his 41st season of footy.

Almanac (Local) Footy: Superheroes

In the busyness of life, Matt Zurbo rediscovered the simple pleasures of footy (and life) in an optional training run.

Almanac Footy: Old Dog’s the best ever

The Old Dog has played 667 games over 40 seasons and has seen many fine footballers, but Greg Nutting is the best of them all, as Old Dog explains.

Almanac Footy: Season 40 for the Old Dog!

Not too many footballers can say they are pulling the guernsey on for season 40, the Old Dog can! [Congratulations and well done Old Dog, you’re an inspiration to us all!]

Almanac Footy: Grand Finals

Old Dog is absolutely rapt for one of his old clubs Lilydale FC in Tasmania with their Grand Final victory as he celebrates in spirit with them. He also reflects on another former club defeated in their finals bid and feels their gut wrenching experience of loss.

Dark Blue, Maroon & White

Old Dog shares a video clip he’s seen of the boys from old Fitzroy, playing at Glenferrie in 1958. It has many characters of the club, colour and movement of the time, fading “What if?” questions and a jumper better than any other in the world. [Magic stuff – Ed.]

Almanac Reviews: These Treasures – Old Dog on the joy of a book

Find out why Damian Balassone’s recent book, ‘A Strange Game in a Strange Land’ is a treasure trove of delights for Matt Zurbo.

‘Hawthorn’: In the words of John Kennedy Snr

From Old Dog (Matt Zurbo):

“I present to you, lovers of footy, in memory of a great coach, footballer and genuine family man, a quote from Ray Wilson, followed by my full, 10,000 word chat with John Kennedy Snr… A transcript I could only title: ‘Hawthorn’.”

This is a must-read.

(Covid) Training for Two

Old Dog has been busy – he’s turned his formidable experience on footy grounds to a guide for training when coronavirus has got you down or even just distanced. All you need is a footy and a mate. [A variation of ‘three-drop’ has always been one of my faves too – Ed.]

Almanac Life (and training): It’s 10.30pm

Old Dog has been out late, running to get the kilometres into his legs, sharing the night with an owl, also sharing some insights into training in the age of coronavirus.

Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch: Matt Zurbo and his new book Heart & Soul (today)

Come and celebrate with one of the Almanac’s favourite sons, Matt Zurbo, as his new book ‘Heart and Soul: Footy Stories by those who played the Game’ is launched on Friday 19th July. Join us for lunch at the The North Fitzroy Arms Hotel,  296 Rae St, North Fitzroy for a day of ripping yarns and tales.

Almanac Writers – Matt Zurbo: Some mighty fine writing!

Matt Zurbo has published many excellent stories on the Footy Almanac site over many years, so, do yourself a favour and check some of them out.

Kids’ Footy Stories

Some news from Old Dog and family who are still Up North, including a new project which has him writing and illustrating 365 kids’ stories in 365 days. [Remarkable – ed]

The Oasis

Old Dog loves the game, always has. Some things around the AFL, he doesn’t love so much. Here he highlights his oasis in a desert of opprobrium, our Footy Almanac.

Aydan Marriner

Old Dog, on the importance of friendship and the simplicity of distance.