Almanac (Footy Merchandise) Life: Gullible with a capital G!

Ged McMahon recently bought his lad a new, if not ‘the latest’, Bombers hoodie. It led him to recall his own childhood gullibility and a clever deception perpetrated on him by his family.

Round 2 – Essendon v Gold Coast Suns: Sitting on the fence

Where do you get the better view of the footy – elevated or at ground level? Ged McMahon gave Jesse a taste for the more immediate option. Was it a winner?

Round 1 – Hawthorn v Essendon: Top of the pops

After the hurt comes the happiness – at least for now. Ged and Jesse took in the Bombers’ Round 1 win over arch rivals, the Hawks.

Almanac (Fan) Footy: Ready to get hurt again

After too much success in his early years, Ged McMahon has had to deal with Essendon’s many struggles over the past twenty years. But hope springs eternal as the next season kicks off. He’s ready to get hurt again.

That was the season that was: rediscovering the joy of “going to the footy”

Lockdowns may have disintegrated the norms of outgoings and conditioned people to be more than comfortable to be confined in their homes. Ged however, illustrates of how his brother’s persuasion of going to the MCG to witness the bombers defeat the swans, reignited the excitement and love of attending football at Melbourne’s sacred venue which made it all worth the travelling and memories created with his sons.

Almanac Life: On the rebound

Mixed footy marriages are fraught with danger. Ged McMahon tells us about love won, love lost and love rebounded, but not without all the stages of grief transversed in between.

Round 18 – Essendon v North Melbourne: A tale of two run ups

It was a massive battle between the two big forwards from each team as Essendon got the job done a youthful North Melbourne.

Cricket matters

With a Datsun Sunny named ‘Boony’ at short leg and once being dismissed by the Virgin Mary, Ged McMahon reflects on the current cricketing crisis in the context of his own backyard of dreams

Love can conquer great obstacles

On ANZAC Day Ged and Kylie prove that love conquers great obstacles – even if it cools slightly for a couple of hours.

Round 15 – Essendon v Melbourne: Christmas in July

The tipster’s nightmare: back your own team no matter what, or let the head rule the heart? Ged McMahon pulls off a covert Christmas in July, but knows there’s one gift in his stocking he might not be deserving of.

The Earlybird

A tale of a frosty winter’s morning in the Independent State of Watsonia North, trekking through ice [and almost snow – Ed] culminating in a song of victory. Ged McMahon’s love of the game is beyond question.

Old Woollen Footy Jumpers: Battlescars and Wonderful Wanganeen

An old woollen footy jumper, battle-scarred, takes Ged McMahon back to great days of Windy Hill, the MCG, and G. Wanganeen.

Mascot Masquerading

The AFL has become all about process. Even insofar as the employment of club mascots is concerned. This is mind-boggling, and very funny. Ged McMahon is in the running to be the Bombers’ mascot. [Love the encore with your beloved – Ed]

Names on jumpers: no need

Call him a rusted on, Bartlettesque barnacle on the traditions of the game, but the addition of names to the back of players’ jumpers is a bad idea, says Ged McMahon.

A Good Idea

Ged McMahon is one Essendon fan who isn’t missing September action – he’s playing in it. In the VAFA. It’s 9.15am on a Sunday morning, there’s a genuine crowd, and he’s running around like a kid lost in a shopping centre. Was stepping out of his comfort zone really a good idea?

AFL Round 14 – West Coast v Essendon: In Jobe we trust

The spirit and fire that the Bombers have shown this year has been outstanding. We can only speculate the outcome of the ASADA investigation, but in the mean time it would be rude not to acknowledge the on-field efforts of the Bombers in the first half of season 2013.

Stevie J: The Wangaratta Magician

Stevie J took Ged McMahon’s Bombers apart on Friday night and while that was painful to watch, he held no grudge. It was a pleasure to see the Wangaratta magician at play.

AFL Round 2 – Essendon v Melbourne: Live from Alexandra’s Commercial Hotel

An omen on the Alexandra golf course pre-game caused concern in Bombers fan Ged McMahon. By half time at the Shamrock Hotel, he was feeling much better.


Ged McMahon pays tribute to Gramps, who left a strong legacy and a lifetime of football memories.

Windy Hill Lament

Ged McMahon’s story vividly captures the Windy Hill of his youth. He hopes the modern players don’t forget the club’s proud history as they move to Tullamarine.