Grand Final – Richmond v Geelong: Disappointed but not shattered

Copying a text sent to friends and family post-match, Marcus Holt sums up how all Cats fans are feeling after a brave loss to Richmond in last night’s Grand Final.

Grand Final – Richmond v Geelong: Dreamtime for Queensland Tiger fans at the Gabba

Enjoy the first of many Queensland-based Tigers supporters re-telling an infamous night. Finally getting to attend a Grand Final up north gave opportunities for photos and normal celebrations that the prevailing Richmond Football Club deserved.

Tiger Turbulence: From strained nerves to heavenly bliss

Ben Kirkby gives us his take on Richmond’s incredible end to the season when nerves gave way to joy (featuring some of Ben’s artwork too).

Grand Final Preview 2018: The biggest stage

Miro Saunders thinks West Coast face the bigger challenges in coming to hostile territory. He previews the Grand Final here. [Welcome Miro – JTH]

AFL listens to fans on Grand Final time..for now – AFL Fans Association

Following up on last week’s online poll that showed most fans prefer the traditional Grand Final timeslot, the AFL Fans Association has welcomed the announcement of maintaining the status quo for 2018.

Many AFL fans prefer a day Grand Final – AFL Fans Association report

It’s a topic that’s been floated by the AFL several times; should the Grand Final remain a day game or shift to twilight/nighttime? The AFL Fans Association has asked their members with fairly conclusive results.

Teenagers in Premiership Teams 1968-2017

Warren Tapner has put together a team of teenagers who won an AFL premiership in the last 50 years.

Grand Final Preview: When the crowd rises with you

Oh, to be in the belly of such passion. The Grand Final is about stories of your own. Old Dog writes about where he has been for Grand Finals. [Ripper – JTH]

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: The Winds From the West

Who can remember the details of a lost Grand Final? A DVD and a bag of lemons as Mathilde de Hauteclocque practices the calm now the storm is over.

Watching the footy from overseas

Chris Tinning was an overseas reader before he recently returned to Australia. Here is Chris’s story on watching the footy overseas. [Add your experiences – Ed].

People come first for Australian small business.

What a fab boss Lynda Charles has, and she’s off to watch her beloved Bulldogs in the Grand Final thanks to him.

Will there be peace in the footy wars?

With the NRL and AFL’s respective finales approaching, eminent Australian economist and former Adelaide Uni Blacks footballer Tim “Plug” Harcourt writes on “football multiculturalism” and the various football codes of Australia. What’s the state of play?

Has the AFL drawn the wrong conclusion?

Jeff Dowsing enjoys a draw, surely two grand finals are better than one?

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: Preparation is the key to success

For the superstitious among us, Grand Final week is a time to watch those superstitions carefully. Bradley Thomas had never been to a Grand Final. Was now the time to go?

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: A few days later, at the Espy

Three in a row? Thirteen flags in 54 years? E.regnans imagines a meeting between a talking Hawk and a talking Magpie this week at the Espy…

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: As good as it gets

Kasey Symons, a West Coast Eagle of Melbourne, managed to secure Grand Final admission. Here she tells a cracking tale of hope, pride, anticipation and loss [Wonderful fan-writing – Ed].

Grand Final – West Coast v Hawthorn: A Victorian Abroad

Victorian Tony Moon has spent half his life in north Queensland. But, says Mulcaster, it hasn’t changed him. [A classic description of Grand Final tradition – JTH]

2015 Grand Final – Hawthorn v West Coast: They’re the Mighty Flying Hawks

Like ’em and loathe ’em, there is no denying that Clarko and the Hawks are among the greats. [And doesn’t miss the Eagles on his way through, either. – Ed]

Carlton Drought; a brew for the ages

As we prepare to get the 2015 finals series off to a fly tonight at Subi, Jeff Dowsing takes a look at the AFL’s wheel of fortune. It might turn slowly, but when it does, it turns with some pretty hefty force – viz: Carlton, Essendon, Brisbane, Melbourne and Collingwood (in the wake of 1990). [Shouldn’t have too much trouble getting on the course on GF Day if the need should arise old mate! – Ed]


Rick Kane laments some of the sad happenings that arose during this “sorry Home and Away season”. On the other hand, he lauds the refreshing Final 8 teams that 2015 has thrown up.