Almanac Life: Private Clement Reginald May

A beautiful and solemn reflection by Greg A on his grandmother’s brother Clem, who did not make it home from World War 2.

Almanac Rugby Union – Old Collegians v Brighton: A Torrid Affair

Greg A reports on the torrid tussle that took place when Old Collegians hosted arch-rivals Brighton in Adelaide’s Premier Grade rugby union.

Almanac Music: Dave Graney and Clare Moore at Trinity Sessions

The iconic and eclectic sounds of Dave Graney and Clare Moore made the jump from (computer) screen to stage and Greg Andrew went along for the ride.

Almanac Boxing: “Real” Boxing

Greg A casts his eye far and wide to find some “real” boxing. And, from Las Vegas, Naoye Inoue does not disappoint.

Almanac Life: Comfort is relative

Comfort can be found in many different ways. Some reflections from Greg A.

Almanac Rugby Union: Not one for the ages

Greg A opted to stay at home to take in a live stream for his weekly fix of Adelaide rugby union, a mid-table clash between Onkaparinga and Elizabeth. As it played out, endeavour outperformed ability.

Almanac Rugby Union: The Battle of Greenhill Road

Greg A was at Burnside in Adelaide for the local rugby derby. How did his Old Collegians fare?

Almanac Rugby – Club Rugby: The Showdown

A very special game of club rugby in Adelaide saw two teams from Adelaide University face off; Blacks and the Sharks. The Sharks might be the new kids on the uni block, but their impact is already historic for members of the LGBTIQ community. Greg Andrew has all the details.

Almanac Music: Slava and Sharon Grigoryan at the Trinity Sessions

It’s a change of pace at the Trinity Sessions for Greg Andrew as he experiences the classical musicianship of Slava and Sharon Grigoryan.

Almanac Rugby – Club rugby: A tale of two games

A couple of ripping games of club rugby in South Australia got Greg Andrew up and about – and provided another reminder that whatever the grade/division the footy is in, the way it’s played is the most important.

Almanac Rugby Union: An unseasonably warm day for rugby

Greg A is back at the rugby union on an unseasonably warm May afternoon in Adelaide. Old Collegians are playing host to the Adelaide Uni Blacks and crowd watching is a sideline attraction to an enjoyable afternoon.

Almanac Music: Jeff Lang at the Trinity Sessions

With live music slowly making a comeback, Greg A went to see Jeff Lang perform as part of the Trinity Sessions. He was blown away by Lang’s marvellous musical skills on a fine night.

Club rugby: It has a real community feel to it.

Greg A reports on a superb day of rugby – and other sports – at Brighton (Adelaide).

Almanac (Military) Life: Expect to be shocked

Greg Andrew served in the Australian Army for four years, straight from school. He offers his personal insight into how military life impacted his sense of identity as a young man, in particular in the years after he was discharged and how he and his loving wife worked through his lack of identity. He explains why he thinks he was one of the lucky ones.

Almanac (Club) Rugger: A day at the rugby in Adelaide

Greg Andrew grew up in country South Australia where there ain’t much rugger. But he has always been intrigued by the code and finds himself at a third grade match in Adelaide (Onkaparinga v Old Collegians) where the rugby is fair dinkum (but one-sided) and the barbecue is outstanding.

Almanac Music: Brian Cadd at the Trinity Sessions

Greg A reports on Brian Cadd’s performance at The Trinity Sessions in Adelaide.

Separating identity from performance

Greg Andrew examines the question of identity and how much of being a professional athlete contributes to a sense of self and self worth through two very different individuals.

Almanac Boxing: Vale ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler

One of the best boxers of all time, Marvin Hagler, has passed away at the age of 66. Greg Andrew is an aficionado of the sweet science and considers ‘Marvelous’ Marvin his favourite pugilist. Here is his tribute.

Almanac Music: Midnight Oil in 2021

There was power, passion and a more than a few grey hairs at the most recent Midnight Oil gig at Womadelaide. Greg Andrew reviewed the show, his latest since first watching the iconic group live in 1990.

Almanac Boxing – Alvarez: The red-headed Mexican pound-for-pound king

Greg Andrew reveals just what makes the Mexican boxing phenomenon Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez so special, as arguably the world’s best boxer.