Almanac Footy: The Lions, The Cats, The Gabba and The Divine

John Harms will be talking about the Gabba on 612 4QR this afternoon. We reprise this piece from the Covid years…

The Gabba! Before it became yet another monolith to Mammon, it was a ground of immense character. In his 2020 preview of the Brisbane v Geelong Preliminary Final, John Harms explains the mystique of former days.

Round 24 – Carlton v Giants: Race and religion

Although the Blues were defeated by the Giants, there was an eerie feeling of satisfaction as the Blues are finals bound as Joe Sexton explains.

Round 18 – Carlton v Geelong

In accordance with the Michael Voss contention that the Carlton v Geelong clash represented a club audit, Peter Fuller of Green Pen Ticks undertook and completed said audit which is presented herein.

Round 1 – Carlton v Richmond: Deja Vu

Collingwood supporter Jackson Mansell attended the Carlton v Richmond Round 1 match and felt a sense of deja vu as he explains.

Almanac Sport: A year with a lot to like

Like all forms of beauty, the attraction of sport is in the eye of the beholder, and RON REED has an electic list for the last 12 months – but maybe that’s just him. 

Voss – Part 2: The pantheon awaits

The impression Michael Voss made on Shane Reid in 1997 went a long way toward bridging the old Fitzroy with the new Lions in Shane’s heart…he supposes if anyone can become another Matthews or Barassi, why not Voss?

Grand Final – Sal’s Preview: Dees in a tight one

Sal Ciardulli reckons the Grand Final is a 50-50 proposition but is leaning ever so slightly towards Melbourne. He’s also hitting his straps with the nags. He has a thorough look at the big Melbourne and Sydney races. And he has something to say about John Elliott.

Finally … Footy Feast’s Main Course

There’s only so much build-up you need for the Grannie, but born-again Dees fan Ron Reed is ready to roll. [Contains traces of touching matrimonial solidarity – Ed]

The Merger Coda: The Birth of the Brisbane Lions

William Westerman concludes his account of the Fitzroy Lions/Brisbane Bears merger by placing it into its historical context and finds that, although it was ‘a tragedy, it was also the birth of something unique and special.’

Almanac Teams: Three cheers (1980-)

They’re always open for discussion, but this week’s team of the best Number 3s by Rodney Boyd has a controversial selection plonked on the pine.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 2 – Brisbane v St Kilda

We enter Round 2 of the 2007 season with a rare foray into prime-time for the once mighty Lions. Tony Roberts liked what he saw as the post-threepeat generation tore apart a hapless Saints outfit who themselves were favoured to finish high on the ladder.

What is better for captaincy: confidence or arrogance? Or a bit of both?

Whiling his time away in the Arctic, Richard Marlow read Eddie Jones’ autobiography and contemplated the qualities of the various Australian cricket captains of the past 60 years. See if you agree with his appraisals.

Almanac Teams: Rangas

Dan has come up a team of redheads, but can they play footy? Have your say!

Almanac Book Review – The Norm Smith Medallists: The Players Who Delivered On Football’s Grandest Stage

If only a team could be made up of Norm Smith Medallists what a team it would be! Chris Michaels reviews a new book of such players.

Almanac Football: 1993 Revisited

Stainless takes a fascinating trip down memory lane as he recalls the 1993 AFL season. [With a nod to the Brettig-Collins-Gill podcast – Ed]

A six year old’s Saturday in August

Fatherhood and the joy of a footy loving, (and cricket loving) six year old son as expressed by Edward Olsen.

Almanac Teams: The Greatest Number 3s

Phil Dimitriadis returns to proper footy teams. What do you think of his team of 3s?

September Specialists

Phil Dimitriadis has selected his team of finals champions. Over to you for your thoughts.

Archie Goes the Early Crow and Calls the AFL Finals Series in April – Surely He Can’t Get So Badly Wrong As He Did in Season `16!

Archie has bitten the proverbial bullet and with the risk of being shot down by his fellow Almanackers, has predicted his AFL 2017 Premiership and Brownlow medal winners after only two rounds. [NB The link is now working properly – sorry for the break in transmission. Ed]

In the firing line with the ruck rovers

The role of the ruck-rover is defined by the many wonderful exemplars Carolyn Spooner refers to from teams of the’60’s through to the current day.