Almanac Music: Vale Charlie Watts

The Footy Almanac pays tribute to Charlie Watts, legendary drummer of The Rolling Stones, who has passed away aged 80.

Almanac Music: When Mick Jagger Met Fidel

Mick Jagger performed a supposedly ‘secret’ promotional concert at The Corner Hotel in 1988 for his solo album. Matt Zurbo was lucky enough to be there.

Almanac Music: Keef’s obit (just on the odd chance he might predecease me) – Anson Cameron

Keith Richards’ death has always been with us, says Anson Cameron. Yet, “immortally moribund,” he’s still kicking. Best, then, to pay your respects.

Round 2 – Essendon v St Kilda: Bombers bomb out

Col can’t …”get no,…no satisfaction” as his Bombers bomb out, and the Stones stop rolling.

Pub Review: The Exeter, Adelaide

Mickey Randall has been to another pub! Here is his review of the Exeter in downtown Adelaide.

Almanac Music: Chuck Berry – Ent Cent, 1989

Hail, hail rock-n-roll! Earl gives thanks to Chuck.

Almanac Music: Fun and Feasting at the Beggars Banquet

Mickey Randall reminisces over The Rolling Stones album Beggars Banquet. It may not be one of their most popular albums, but it the most fun album for Mickey.

Round 22 – Geelong v Collingwood: D Swan

Swanny is one of us writes E. Regnans in this fine tribute to an eccentric character (in many ways and a very ordinary character in others). [Terrific yarn – JTH]

Exile on Adelaide Oval: Stone[s] the Crows

Growing up in a dusty town, The Rolling Stones were the band. So Mickey Randall had to see them in 1995 when they played at Footy Park. Now they’re playing at Adelaide Oval during Round 1, and it’s got him looking back, in a true Aussie yarn.

Their Satanic Majesties Request

Peter Baulderstone heard Kerry OKeefe compliment George Bailey for having ‘Sticky Fingers’. With the Rolling Stones set to tour not long after the Ashes Series, can you suggest a Test lineup based on Stones’ titles? Is “I can’t get no Satisfaction” on high rotation in the England dressing room?

Blues Rediscover That Finals Swagger

We’re all well aware of a grim anniversary that occurred this weekend past. I’ve no intention of adding to the numerous postulations on what that event may or may not have meant. So relax. But that same week a decade ago happens to also mark the beginning of Carlton’s descent. In the general scheme of [Read more]