Almanac Music: ‘We’d Go Down to the River’ – Songs Concerning Rivers

In this Friday’s installment of KD’s ongoing series about popular music themes, the topic is songs concerning rivers. As usual, readers are warmly welcomed to put forward their own contributions.

Almanac Music: ‘Rooms on Fire’: Songs about Houses and Rooms

In this Friday’s music piece, KD deals with songs about the spaces in which we live – houses, flats, apartments and the rooms within. As usual, readers’ contributions are warmly welcomed.

Almanac Music: Songs about Trains

In this Friday’s music piece, KD discusses songs about trains and, as usual, warmly welcomes reader contributions.

Almanac Music: Songs about Roads

This week’s music piece from KD concerns songs that mention roads in the title, whether they be specifically highways, streets, avenues, boulevards, esplanades or similar infrastructure.

Almanac Music – Springsteen in Europe 2023: Pilgrimage (Part 1: Music)

Peter Baulderstone and Mary the Avenging Eagle report from a European pilgrimage to see their musical hero Bruce Springsteen pay tribute to his musical heroes.

Almanac Music: Songs About Dancing

Continuing his extensive series of theme-related music pieces, this week Kevin Densley explores ‘Songs About Dancing.’ As usual, readers are warmly encouraged to add their own choices and comments.

Almanac Music: Angels, Devils and Flawed Humanity – Part 3: Ten Songs About Flawed Humanity

‘Part 3 – Ten Songs About Flawed Humanity’ is the third article in a three-part piece for The Footy Almanac. The focus is upon songs which are closely connected to imperfect humanity. Almanac readers are welcome to add to Kevin Densley’s list.

Almanac Music: The Mother Lode – Ten Rock Songs on the Heavier Side

KD looks at ten key rock songs – on the heavier side – that were important in his young years, and invites Almanackers to share some of theirs.

Almanac Music: Mixed memories in music

Following his death earlier this week, just how do we go about dealing with the dichotomy that was Phil Spector?

Almanac Music: Top Albums of 2019

Luke Reynolds has named his favourite albums for the year. Is your favourite there?

Almanac Music – Blinded by the List: a Springsteen game for the whole family!

Not interested in horse racing or can’t wait for next footy season? Trucker Slim has come up with a game based upon the music of Bruce Springsteen as an alternative for you to while away your time instead.

Round 21 – Hawthorn v Geelong: All aboard

Trucker Slim reveled in the Hawks/Cats rivalry during Saturday’s thriller. He might just be sensing some Glory Days ahead for the Hawks?

Almanac Music: Best Gigs of 2017

Luke Reynolds looks at the favourite gigs he attended in 2017, which included a number through country Victoria.

Almanac Music: The River

Andrew Starkie has a look back to his childhood spent with his best mate, Patrick McGinness. The connection has stayed strong with the help of a mutual love for Bruce Springsteen.

Drive All Night. Brothers. Stereo Story.

This week Vin Maskell joins the dots between Glen Hansard, a love song from the Springsteen double album The River, and a five-minute drive from Moggs Creek to the Aireys Inlet general store.

Round 4 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Hard Times Come

It was quiet on the South Morang train as Rick Kane made his way back from the MCG on Easter Monday.

Almanac Music: Racing In The Street Stereo Story

As a teenage boy in a dark suburban room, I was a long way from the turnpikes of New Jersey. I didn’t have a job, a car or a girl, just an Apollo 10-speed bicycle and a dungeon I called my own. What on earth was I connecting with here?

Almanac Music: Springsteen, rainbows and a full moon; drinking our fill at Hanging Rock

David Wilson woke on Saturday morning with a nebulous thought of seeing his first Bruce Springsteen show. What followed was a wonderful family adventure to Hanging Rock…

Stereo Story: first time I heard State Trooper

Vin Maskell recalls the first time he heard Springsteen’s State Trooper, from the Nebraska album…the sixth song began, its guitar line pulsating like a fresh bruise.

Almanac Music: Springsteen does Springsteen

Peter Baulderstone takes in a Bruce Springsteen concert in Perth last week. Another premiership winning performance or are the years catching up with The Boss?