deeper into spring

spring sunset the difference a goal makes       freshly cut fields Swan feeds on the MCG     cloud then sun then cloud yet to hit our stride       looking for the angle Krakouer turns his back to the goals       a gap in the clouds Wellingham catches the [Read more]


by Yvette Wroby

Blues Rediscover That Finals Swagger

We’re all well aware of a grim anniversary that occurred this weekend past. I’ve no intention of adding to the numerous postulations on what that event may or may not have meant. So relax. But that same week a decade ago happens to also mark the beginning of Carlton’s descent. In the general scheme of [Read more]

When the Band Stopped

After a week-long build up focusing on match ups, previous finals clashes, a 100 year long rivalry, finals ticketing dramas and the usual injury concerns, 90,000 people arrived at the MCG ready for action. You would think that such an attendance would be a glowing endorsement of the appeal of the indigenous code. With an [Read more]

Swans Go Ape

“IT WAS partly ape, with a tiny brain, long arms, a chimp-size body and ape-like heels. But it was also partly human, with long thumbs, short fingers, an advanced ankle and a brain that looked like it had begun to rewire.” Original, non-clichéd quotes can be hard to find in Aussie Rules and this gem [Read more]


WHERE LIFE IMITATES SPORT What a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  And wasn’t it a cornucopia of what Our Great Game is all about Wrappers.  Firstly, it was The Handbags who booked themselves a week off and a spot one out and one back.  The Maggies also booked themselves a break when they overawed [Read more]

Cats victorious

“Victory,” said my mad-Catter brother, Mick, substantial piece of Lygon Street Special (no pineapple) in hand, at about 1.30 Saturday morning, “is not as important as defeat.” Crumbs, I thought to myself. That’s so 2006. We won it in `07, and `09, and we’ve just had a ripper win over the arch-rivals, Hawthorn, and we’re [Read more]

Humble Pie not the preferred Dons menu

Never a sympathetic word was spoken about the Carlton Football Club whilst growing up in my Don household.  Of course there were a few other clubs that weren’t loved  too, but somehow Carlton was always top of the heap. One incident that sparks the memory in particular, was the Harry Casper/John Coleman ” event”  just [Read more]


  Poise versus flashes of brilliance. Geelong versus Hawthorn. The weather gods have no concept of timing. They sent the wintery blast up from the Antarctic and into the MCG just in time for Friday night. Cold, hard rain hit the players’ faces and ran down the backs of supporters whose resilience was tested in [Read more]

Geelong are no underdogs

One of the more curious aspects of our time is that while no one wants to be an actual underdog, it’s helpful in many ways to be perceived as one. This produces some odd disconnects between spin and reality. Billionaires accuse artists and academics of being elites. CEO’s bemoan the dominance of workers as they [Read more]

Fortius Quo Haemmorhoids

Thanks to trmash on twitter.

What a bloody relief

This was a game we just had to win. Inexplicably a team with a 20-1 record had dropped the last round of the season by 96 points and now found themselves in a final facing a team with a 17-5 record, only half a game inferior to what got us top spot last year. Round [Read more]

To the Pub for Cats vs Hawks!

The bittersweet month is upon us. I love September. But it comes with the knowledge that it will be followed by the long, bleak months of the off-season. This year comes with an extra bonus; the Rugby World Cup. The broadcast schedule for this weekend will give you some idea why I’m so happy. Friday [Read more]

GONE: It’s all Over, Including the Shouting

It’s 6.30am Sunday morning and my mind is buzzing.  It’s over, finito, Sydney Swans bundled St.Kilda out of the finals with a decisive, confident win.  They did it well from the beginning, pressure, pressure, pressure and we never had it in us to respond with success.  Perhaps the year from hell finally took its toll [Read more]

Carlton/Essendon discussion

The old rivals, heh.

Saints/Swans discussion

What do you reckon? First goal wins?

Collingwood/Eagles discussion

What do you reckon?

Cats/Hawks Discussion

Geelong 14.14.98 Hawthorn 9.13.57 Geelong into the Preliminary final. Hawks have to regroup, most likely without Buddy. Big injuries. A tough game. Cats fans are presumed happy. Hawks may feel the need to vent. What did you make of it folks?  


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Dean Wallis turned out to be the ratbag Hirdy remembered him as, and seeing as he is probably the only lowly paid coach out at Whingy Hill, his penalty has been relatively light.  But Angry Adrian has said that the Appalling Football [Read more]

More complications?

Friday night: Geelong v Collingwood. A weary season is pushing towards the inevitable conclusion. I have speculated, in an article during the week, about the possibility of complications to the narrative. Some commenters have agreed, but the wise and the cynical have restated the season’s direction, and expressed general boredom. But wait. Is that the [Read more]