by Yvette Wroby

Blues Rediscover That Finals Swagger

We’re all well aware of a grim anniversary that occurred this weekend past. I’ve no intention of adding to the numerous postulations on what that event may or may not have meant. So relax. But that same week a decade ago happens to also mark the beginning of Carlton’s descent. In the general scheme of [Read more]

When the Band Stopped

After a week-long build up focusing on match ups, previous finals clashes, a 100 year long rivalry, finals ticketing dramas and the usual injury concerns, 90,000 people arrived at the MCG ready for action. You would think that such an attendance would be a glowing endorsement of the appeal of the indigenous code. With an [Read more]

Humble Pie not the preferred Dons menu

Never a sympathetic word was spoken about the Carlton Football Club whilst growing up in my Don household.  Of course there were a few other clubs that weren’t loved  too, but somehow Carlton was always top of the heap. One incident that sparks the memory in particular, was the Harry Casper/John Coleman ” event”  just [Read more]