Almanac Music: Farewell Roky and Dr John

Brian The Ruminator reflects upon the wonderful musical legacy left to us after the recent deaths of Dr John and Roky Erickson.

Year-ender: The A to Z of sport in 2016

Hamish Neal takes an alphabetical approach in his review of 2016. This will remind you of how much happens in a year.

Almanac Book Review – Prince: Purple Reign

Chris Michaels is impressed by Mick Wall’s biography, “Prince: Purple Reign”.

Lockdown: Enough reaping, Grim Reaper

As we approach May, 2016 has seen too many artistic, scientific and intellectual giants shuffle off this mortal coil for ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Baker’s liking. He thinks it’s time to take pro-active measures to stem the tide of untimely deaths.

NAB Challenge | Geelong v Collingwood: Cash, queues and an 11-goal quarter

Luke Reynolds was there for “Collingwood visiting for a NAB Challenge game… the biggest thing to happen in G-Town since the Belmont K-Mart became open for 24 hours a day.”

Almanac Music: There’s Never Been More to Adore Than in ’84

Call me hopelessly out of touch but I have an altogether borderline theory the world hit peak music in 1984. Sure, wearing your sunglasses at night was advised to protect peepers from pastel polos and assorted fashion crimes.  And swallowing the ’84 vintage mush served by Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, George Michael and Stevie Wonder would make [Read more]