A Perfume Bottle from 1882

Anna Pavlou was awed by a little urn, as many are when they see it for the first time.

The ‘Esk Bradman’: who was Jack Badcock?

Some are never favoured by timing or luck. Dave Brown takes a fascinating look at the career highs and lows of Jack Badcock, the ‘Esk Bradman’.

The Ashes 2019 – Fifth Test: The Australian performance we expected, but barely got

With the 5th and final Test in the books, Sean Mortell gives us his overview of the last chapter of an interesting Ashes.

A forty-two year wait for Tate

As the Ashes wind up again, Gigs has been reminded of an unfinished childhood quest involving breakfast cereal, collectables and sporting history in need of a fact check.

The Ashes 2019 – First Test: Five days of glorious madness

A ripping ‘Boys on Tour’ yarn from the self-depracating Kieran Fernandez as he and his posse lob at the Edgbaston Test. [I feel hungover just reading this – JTH]

The Ashes 2009 – Second Test, Day 1: Worst-ever opening spell has Australians crying into their beer

Tim Adam’s report from Australia’s dismal day one efforts in the 2009 second Ashes test at Lord’s is the perfect way to prepare yourself for what is (hopefully) a better Australian performance tonight.

The Ashes 2019 – First Test: The Edgbaston blog

Check out what our readers have to say and add your observations on the Edgbaston Test.

The Ashes 2019 – Pick the First Test team: Ian Hauser wins bragging rights

Ian Hauser gets the chocolates.

The Ashes – Fourth Test: Have a go you Mugs!

Malby Dangles remembers a slow day at the MCG Test in 1990-91 and considers the place of overly circumspect batting in this MCG Test just finished.

Almanac Cricket – Meet me at the G

Citrus Bob calls for rendezvous plans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, for the “three and half days” of the 4th Test. Will you be attending?

The Ashes – Third Test: The Urn Returns!

Malcolm Ashwood would only be happier with Australia’s Ashes win if Chadd Sayers and Callum Ferguson were in the team. Here is his review of the Third Test at the WACA Ground.

The Ashes – Adelaide Test: Patience, precipitation and port

Daryl Schramm makes his Almanac debut with this neat summary of the (and his) Adelaide Test. A port at the cricket!

Almanac Nudity: “We’ve Got a Freaker!” (from The Guardian)

Tomorrow will mark 41 years since English Test cricket’s first streaker, an incident remembered John Ashdown in The Guardian.

Almanac Cricket – Rolled for 60: What’s the Problem?

In the aftermath of being all out for 60, Cricket Froth unloads on cricket’s domestic schedule after an Ashes series where only 12 days of a possible 20 have been utilised.

The Ashes 2015 – Fourth Test, Day 1: This is supposed to be a Test Match

Wayne Ball steps up to the keyboard, grafting out a report under the most unfriendly of conditions. A real AR Border, SR Waugh kind of effort…

The Ashes 2015 – Third Test, Day 1: Swing, 1997, Mr Anderson; the consolations of Hegel

Heavy skies over Edgbaston. Despite heroic CJL Rogers simplicity, it is Mr Anderson and England who steal this cricketing day. Amid the ruinous sporting landscape, DJ Wilson seeks (and finds) the consolation of philosophy. [Hegel is a handy team member, ER – JTH]

Almanac Cricket – Ashes 2015: The Ashes 101

Stephen Fry explains the origins of The Ashes for the novices discovering Australia and England’s rivalry on the cricket pitch.

The Ashes 2015 – Cardiff Test: call for writers

First Test of the 2015 Ashes series between England and Australia is set to begin tomorrow night (Wednesday) and we’d love to publish your thoughts on the Test. Let’s get this game well covered. Please nominate a day.

They Don’t Make Them Like This Bloke Anymore.

Terms like legend and great man get thrown around too easily these days, but Dips O’Donnell had the chance to knock off a few Crownies with a genuine legend and a bona-fide great man: Lunching with the Almanac’s favourite Gadabout.

A year is a long time in cricket: Boxing Day 2012 and the year since

Sean Curtain looks back at the side that was, the sides that have been, and the side coming up. A year’s a long time in cricket.