Almanac Music: Vale Jimmy Buffett

Another icon of the music world has passed away – this time Jimmy Buffett. Col Ritchie remembers Jimmy and his music.

Almanac Music: Day Trippers from Colac

Col and his mates Tony and Stan have a boys’ day out in Melbourne buying records and catching up with fellow New Orleans traveller Brian Wise.

Almanac Travel: Col’s USA Music Trip – Day 1

Col’s arrived in the USA and he reports on his first day down in Monterey, California.

Almanac Music: ‘My Brown Yarra’ – Whirling Furphies

The Whirling Furphies are one of those great inner city Melbourne bands well-known for their acoustic, roots based folky music. ‘My Brown Yarra’ is one of their classic songs, check it out.

Almanac Music: Americana – Whitney Rose ‘Believe me, Angela’

Col Ritchie has been a huge fan of Americana music for many years. One of his new favourite artists of the genre is Whitney Rose. Check her out, she is fabulous!

Round 2 – Essendon v St Kilda: Bombers bomb out

Col can’t …”get no,…no satisfaction” as his Bombers bomb out, and the Stones stop rolling.

John Butler + Robert Johnson = Stereo Story

In this age where there’s supposedly no such thing as bad publicity, where every mundane detail of life can serve as grist to the celebrity mill, the rarest commodity of all is a genuine sense of mystery. Because he was dead long before he was famous, Robert Johnson will never lose his mystery.