(regretfully) Reminiscing as a Saints fan

  by Joseph Walker Carlton. I’ve always kind of respected them. Not warmed to them, but respected them. Maybe I feel sorry for them. Since they’ve had such a bad last decade. Let me take you back to 2006. I was a 7 year old confident of my team, St Kilda. The weekend before we’d [Read more]

Unsaintly behaviour

By Ged McMahon The Match Review Panel copped it this week. Jack Trengove’s 3 match penalty for his tackle on Patrick Dangerfield triggered a very emotional response from many lovers of our game. A number of Demon’s players upset the AFL for critical comments they made on Twitter. I was equally upset about a different [Read more]

In Praise of Trent Cotchin

“Who’s your favourite player, dad?” It’s a question that stumps me. “I don’t have favourite players, mate”, I say, rather sheepishly.  “Royce Hart was my hero as a kid, but I’ve never had favourites since then”.  Billy gives me a glare and I hastily mutter something about admiring Lenny Hayes.  But it’s clear my hesitant [Read more]

bye weekend

bye weekend – all the things round the house that need doing

How I got to see the Cats game

by Damian O’Donnell If you spell Daniel Menzel’s surname backwards you get “Leznem”. But Leznem is not a Geelong name. A bloke with that surname might play for St Kilda or Brisbane or Fremantle, he wouldn’t play for the Cats. No, the Cats have Menzel. I was thinking this as I strolled around a nursery [Read more]

Saturday in Geelong

by Marcus Holt When I was growing up Saturday in Geelong was always synonymous with footy. Saturday mornings saw me running out in the resplendent yellow and red jumpers of the Terrifics in the Geelong West YMCA Little League under 9’s. Each week we’d line up against similarly named opposition: the Dazzlers, Rippers, Corkers or [Read more]

Heart-stopping Swans

by Tom Bally The Sydney Swans are trying to kill me. There’s no other explanation for the last four weeks, a feverish run of breath stoppers and general all out frenzies of matches.  A desperate hold out from an Eagles attack was followed by three soaking hours watching Geelong overrun us.  To be fair my [Read more]

The View from Shepparton

Went to church yesterday as is my wont every Sunday. Thus I miss out on Insiders and Offsiders every Sunday which is not my want. But just discovered iview. Hallelujah.

The Monday Night Lament

The Monday Night Lament (sung to the tune of Peter Paul and Mary’s “Where have all the flowers gone.”) by Yvette Wroby Where have all Saint good games gone, Long time passing Where have all the good ones gone,  Long time ago Where have all the good wins gone, gone to others, almost every one [Read more]

The Match Report for the Round 7 (aka the bye)

by Paul Harkin The weekend started off slowly. No Collingwood game on Friday night, only a boring Port versus Hawthorn. What am I going to do this weekend without the Pies to keep me from being totally nuts Saturday arrived and my wife informed me she was away all day and so was my one [Read more]

Essendon, West Coast and Lionel

Once upon a time, a mate of mine and I created the “Let the Eagles Fly at Yarraville Action Faction” for the” Coodabeen Champions”, at that stage broadcasting on 3RRR.  We got a few honourable mentions for our entries  and even had a victory one week.  I would still like to see the Yarraville VFA [Read more]

The Tigers come of age

Last week, I saw Matthew White kick a goal. It wasn’t an overly pretty one, more of a helicopter off the inside of the boot. But it did the job. I expected maybe a subtle waggle of the finger or perhaps a loving embrace with Benny Nason, who was nearby. But he did neither. Instead [Read more]

Three in a row for the Tigers

Going into this game, I was unusually quietly confident of a third successive victory for my beloved Tigers. Unusual, in the fact that I’m always hoping for a win, but never believing that we could actually pull it off. This attitude is a reflection of the Richmond players at the moment, as Damien Hardwick noted [Read more]

North Need To Toughen Up

This was the moment. I looked on, nervously. Could we do it? I swung my leg back and forth, trying to stretch it out as much as I could. I turned my eyes to the middle of the field. The pivotal contest was about to finish. Who would come out unscathed? It happened. Waaia were [Read more]

Round 7 Blog: Finding the young’un in all of us.

Saturday morning and I’m recalling only a couple of things from last night’s match. 1. Daniel Motlop’s shot from the pocket. and 2. Richo’s reaction to threading the eye of the needle. I loved it. Great illustration of the love of play, and the fascination of the football itself, and what can be done with [Read more]

Power strike, but the Hawks have the candles

Long weekends are usually something you would embrace. Not having to face the early morning chill of the May morning, getting a chance to sleep-in from the comfort of your warm bed, and not having to worry about your workload piled in your locker. Yet, lo and behold, as my alarm accidentally went off in [Read more]