How I got to see the Cats game

by Damian O’Donnell If you spell Daniel Menzel’s surname backwards you get “Leznem”. But Leznem is not a Geelong name. A bloke with that surname might play for St Kilda or Brisbane or Fremantle, he wouldn’t play for the Cats. No, the Cats have Menzel. I was thinking this as I strolled around a nursery [Read more]

Saturday in Geelong

by Marcus Holt When I was growing up Saturday in Geelong was always synonymous with footy. Saturday mornings saw me running out in the resplendent yellow and red jumpers of the Terrifics in the Geelong West YMCA Little League under 9’s. Each week we’d line up against similarly named opposition: the Dazzlers, Rippers, Corkers or [Read more]

North Need To Toughen Up

This was the moment. I looked on, nervously. Could we do it? I swung my leg back and forth, trying to stretch it out as much as I could. I turned my eyes to the middle of the field. The pivotal contest was about to finish. Who would come out unscathed? It happened. Waaia were [Read more]