North Need To Toughen Up

This was the moment. I looked on, nervously. Could we do it? I swung my leg back and forth, trying to stretch it out as much as I could. I turned my eyes to the middle of the field. The pivotal contest was about to finish. Who would come out unscathed? It happened. Waaia were [Read more]

Tough Thursday for Waaia and Melbourne

I remember just a couple of seasons ago, a game at the MCG late in the season between these two sides. The stands at the grand old stadium were basically stripped bare as two former great teams fought it out, trying to keep themselves furtherest away from rock bottom. The likes of Jack Watts and [Read more]

Waaia v Tungamah

It has been well documented on the Almanac website that the Waaia Under Seventeens aren’t a good side. We’re a good team, but the quality of some of the players is questionable. So the feeling of walking into the changerooms, knowing that you’re a massive favourite to win comfortably, it was a nice change. The [Read more]

Country Footy & Radio Can Mix

I didn’t know what to feel. Excited? Nervous? Comprehensive? Regret, even? I wouldn’t know for a while, so I blocked it out of my head. I had a game of footy to play, against Katamatite, the Tigers, Sam Wright’s home town. I spotted his dad first as I walked to the changerooms, donning a North [Read more]

Tough Going for Waaia, North and Suns

The long wait was finally over. Everyone was looking forward to this moment. This would shape the whole football season. Waaia v Katunga, the two biggest rivals in Picola District footy were going head to head in the season opener. The routine of getting ready for the footy on a Saturday morning had come back [Read more]