Distant memories

After a morning chocolate binge, my sister and I stroll down to Southern Cross at dusk. I do not feel confident. Who would after a loss to Port? And it could be argued that last year, Gold Coast were a better side than the Power. I had regretfully witnessed the ’09 Grand Final in the [Read more]

Third time unlucky

The air-raid siren blares through the oval, signalling the end of the game. The players in navy blue scream ‘yes!’ in a state of euphoria, pumping their arms and sprinting to their fellow players to celebrate with them. The 2011 Northern Football League Under-12’s Grand Final has just been won. On this side, jubilation is [Read more]

I don’t like the scarf, Luke…

  by Joseph Walker Remember 2004? The year that Port won? Well, it was the first time two teams that weren’t Victoria-based went head-to-head in a Grand Final. Brisbane were set to win four in a row, an equal record, when Port, the minor Premiers of the past 2 seasons but the crumblers in September, [Read more]

(regretfully) Reminiscing as a Saints fan

  by Joseph Walker Carlton. I’ve always kind of respected them. Not warmed to them, but respected them. Maybe I feel sorry for them. Since they’ve had such a bad last decade. Let me take you back to 2006. I was a 7 year old confident of my team, St Kilda. The weekend before we’d [Read more]

Preparing (again) for the Big Blow

by Joseph Walker I’m walking through the gates at school anxious and ready for the Big Blow. It’s two days after the Grand Final Replay, and I’m a Saints supporter. First comes Callum. He’s one of my best mates and a die-hard Magpie. Behind him are Stefan and Liam. They’re also really good friends of mine [Read more]

Saints run the Heave Ho ragged

I was nervous but excited going into a Patersons stadium match with my beloved Saints taking on the loathed Dockers. I was skeptical about the fact Blake was starting in the ruck, McEvoy being an emergency, but then again the giant 7 foot Docker Sandilands was out with turf toe, an injury usually occurring in [Read more]